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Perfect Pairings: Books and Halsey Songs!

Halsey’s music is the perfect blend of angst, love, and female empowerment. If your just as big of a Halsey fan as I am,...

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Why I Started Journaling Again and Why You Should Too

When I was in middle school, I had several notebooks. One for my creative writing, some for schoolwork. The one that meant the most...

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Romance, Adventure and More: a Graphic Novel Starter Guide

So, you’ve been thinking about picking up a graphic novel. A great choice! Some of my favorite books reside in the graphic novel genre!...

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Starter Guide: YA Contemporary Novels

As an avid fantasy reader, I’ll admit that I found it extremely difficult to fall into a different genre, let alone a genre like...

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I Tried Owl Crate and Loved It- Here’s What You Need to Know

After months of scrolling through websites and watching BookTubers, I finally caved in and purchased my first book subscription box. For those of you...

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