#MerchMonday: Kick Your Week Off With A Pajama Party!

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#MerchMonday: Kick Your Week Off With A Pajama Party!

By Erin Phelps

There’s something about this time of year that makes me go pajama crazy. I think it has something to do with the fact that it gets dark so early. When I get home from work, I can’t wait to make a warm mug of tea and get into some awesome loungewear.

So for this Merch Monday, join in for a frolic-hosted pajama party! Whether you’re looking for something fuzzy, classy, romance-themed or silly, we’ve got you covered.

PajamaGram Cotton Jersey Women’s Pajamas

This style is classic and comfy, and one of my personal preferences when it comes to picking out pajamas.

I think one draw to this style is that it’s undoubtedly sleepwear, but the collar makes you look dressed up just in case you are forced to open the door for something important like a pizza delivery.

Plus, this style is classic and makes me feel like I’m one of the sisters in White Christmas. Or Lucy in I Love Lucy. Or even Molly, my favorite American Girl doll.

The bottom line is that these jammies are perfect for the days when you want to feel classic and comfy!

Fun Apparel Footie Pajamas

…and now for something completely different!

In these chillier months, sometimes it’s necessary to kick your pajama game up a notch and zip yourself into footie jammies!

Can’t you just imagine a snowy Saturday spent lounging indoors, reading a book while wearing these lovely footie jammies? Doesn’t that sound absolutely marvelous?

Plus, the pattern on the fleece ensures that these will be just as heartwarming as they are feet-warming (sorry, couldn’t resist a silly joke!).

YIJIU Pajama Llama Short Sleeved Pajamas

Perhaps you live in a warmer climate, or you don’t like to be over-swaddled in sleepwear. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun pajama party!

Sometimes, pajama shorts are preferable for hanging out and doing morning chores. And then you can sip a mug of coffee just like the one the pajama llama has!

This shorts and tee combo is perfect for adding a bit of whimsy to your at-home fashion!

Richie House Fleece Pajamas

Wanting some whimsy but needing more warmth than the pajama llama? Look no further than this set that is entirely cat-themed!

When I get a morning to sleep in and start my day slowly, it almost always means more cuddle time with my two cats. These pajamas are a must for anyone who wants to show the world their inner cat lady!

#followme Buffalo Plaid Thermal Underwear

Looking for something festive this holiday season that will also stand the test of time? How about some Buffalo Plaid Thermal Underwear?! This is an ideal curl-up-by-the-fire-for-hours-on-end outfit for sure!

Something to love about this style is the elasticized ankles. Some pajama pants are too flowy and make you feel all tangled up when you toss and turn. But not these bad boys! They hug your body just enough to keep you feeling warm on chilly days.

From classic button-up jim jams to hygge-esque long underwear, you now have so many sleepwear options at your fingertips! Mondays can be rough, so let’s all embrace any good reason we can find to have the pajama party of our dreams any time we please.

About the Author

Erin Phelps just recently celebrated her first year anniversary as a romance reader! By day she works in a cool customer service job. By night she is a writer, pub trivia player and cat mom. Erin also loves a great new show on Netflix and any podcast that makes her feel like she’s hanging out with smart friends.

Find her here:

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