#MerchMonday: A Tale of Two New Year’s Eve Parties


The way I see it, there are two major camps when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve. First, there’s the glitzy crew who go out somewhere special, dance the night away and party down in a glam way. Then, there are the folks who use New Year’s Eve as an excuse to hang at home with friends and family playing board games, watching the Twilight Zone marathon and snacking on potato chips and leftover holiday cookies.

Though I am more accustomed to celebrating with my best friends in the manner of the latter group, both ways of ringing in the New Year are valid! So whether you’re glitzy out on the town or cozy on your best friend’s couch, this Merch Monday is full of all the essentials you need to ring in 2019!

Dress for the Occasion

For the gal who likes to party at a fancy and festive venue I recommend the Vijiv 1920’s Cocktail Flapper Dress!

As I browsed around for special occasion dresses this holiday season, I noticed a trend: styles from the roaring 20’s are all over the place! This glitzy art deco cocktail dress makes you look like you’re ready to step into the future with a hint of past Gatsby Party style.

And sure, we’re all smart readers who know that one point of The Great Gatsby was to critique the garish flaunting of wealth in the 20’s. But that doesn’t stop this dress from being trendy, cute, and perfectly decadent for one fancy night a year!

Even if you’re planning on spending the evening playing games of charades or Settlers of Catan at home with the people you love, you can still maintain some glitziness. This Swingy Midweight Sequin Cardigan is just for you!

This cardigan, which comes in many color options, has just enough sequin to make you feel glamorous as you compete against friends at a New Year’s Eve game night. But since you’re staying in and having fun you won’t have to sacrifice comfort!

Treats for Fancy Feet

A cute party dress is a great start for a New Year’s outfit. But no outfit is complete without a perfect pair of shoes to elevate your style!

These DREAM PAIRS Pumps may look sky-high and intimidating, but for just one night I believe you have the ability to totally rock them at a fancy party! Hear that? I believe in your ability to look sparkly and cute and totally amazing at your New Year’s party!

For those of you who might be spending New Year’s eve on the couch watching the spectacle leading up to the ball dropping in Times Square, you can also have fancy feet.

These Ofoot Women’s Winter Slippers are furry, glitzy, and perfectly suited to a festive night in! And you can wear them throughout the rest of winter, feeling like a fancypants whenever you hop out of bed and shuffle to make your morning coffee.

Beautiful Beverage Holders

If you’re the glam New Year’s Eve type, chances are you’re heading to a location that already has killer drinkware. However, if you’re the one hosting the party might I recommend these Trinkware Luster Double Old Fashioned Rocks glasses?

They’re absolutely going to promote a festive vibe, and the flecks of gold match the accents in the dress and shoes I’ve recommended!

If you’re at home for New Year’s Eve, you could drink something bubbly or something warm and toasty. For versatility with your preferred beverage, these Insulated Stemless Stainless Steel Glasses will serve you well!

The finish on these stemless glasses provides a classy appearance, but they’re also suitable for preventing spills and insulating whatever you’d like to drink while you hang at home!

Midnight Kiss Lip Colors

First of all, let me state: as much as I’m a fan of romance, I think the “I must have someone to kiss at midnight” attitude is a little exclusionary.

Whether or not you’re planning on kissing someone, you can still wear some rocking lip color!

For those of you who are partying down on the town, I must recommend Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick.

I first learned about this through Melody and Erin on the romance-themed Heaving Bosoms Podcast, and it has a massive cult following! The “Voyager” color is ideal for anyone who wants to rock a smudge-free red lip for a special occasion, but there are lots of other cool colors to choose from, too.

An option that’s lovely for the crowd that keeps it casual is the Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm. The orchid color is a warm pink that keeps you looking natural and fresh through midnight. Plus, you get the added everyday smoothness of a good chapstick!

However you choose to celebrate, I hope this New Year brings you only the best! May your 2019 be filled with good books, close friends, great pop culture and anything else that brings you joy!



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