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It’s that time of year: we are moving full steam ahead toward summertime! For me, that often means I rework my wardrobe and habits to better fit a sunny summer lifestyle. As I find my summer essentials this year, it’s become increasingly important to look for sustainable products, especially if they are made using fair trade practices.

So, here are some items that are fashionable, functional and just plain handy that you can use to have a great summer and help the planet in your own small way!

Fair Indigo Ballet Neck Dress

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely live for the sunny days when I can walk out of the house in just a comfy dress and sandals. In fact, I’m very fond of dresses like this because they’re comfy like a nightgown, but make you look super chic and put-together. It’s a win-win!

The best thing about this simple dress from Fair Indigo (besides the comfort factor!) is that it’s fairly made in Peru and features organic cotton! Your body will feel good in a breathable fabric, and your heart will feel good knowing that this is a garment that’s free from many of the other exploitative forces of fast fashion!

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Joy Flip-Flops

I first fell in love with Sanuk’s yoga mat flip flops on my honeymoon. While enjoying a day of walking around Provincetown seven years ago with my husband, my sandal strap broke and I worried all was ruined! Luckily, a local gift and sport shop had Sanuk flip flops and I’ve worn them pretty much every summer ever since!

As the name implies, these shoes are special because the foot beds are made from actual yoga mats that have been repurposed! It’s always so cool to see how we can recycle everyday items to make something new, but I’m not gonna lie: the most important thing is that these flip flops are comfy as heck!!

Upcycled Tote by Myra Bag

Take your spring and summer fashion to the next level with a functional-yet-adorable tote like this one from Myra Bag. You’ll have something truly one-of-a-kind since each bag uses different upcycled pieces of fabric with each design!

A piece like this makes a unique statement…and that statement says “I am fashionable, eco-conscious, and am ready to take on the world!”

Fjallraven Re-Kanken Backpack

Though, yes, this backpack is pricier than the upcycled totes from Myra Bag, it’s still definitely worth considering for the gal on the go! Personally, I need a bag that can do a bit of everything, so the style of this Fjallraven backpack would make it easy to carry a book, water bottle, variety of pens, and so much more that I randomly cart around every day!

As for its eco-friendly nature, the Fjallraven backpack is made from polyester that’s derived from recycled water bottles! Anything that repurposes plastic that would otherwise go into the ocean is a win in my book!

Aladdin Zambia Recycled Glass Tumbler

Speaking of keeping water bottles out of landfills, this recycled glass tumbler is a perfect solution to prevent going back to one-time-use plastic water bottles!

Though it may not be as fashionable as some of the other items in this post, this tumbler is certainly a summer must-have! As one of my college friends ran marathons used to say, “dehydration is the enemy!” Whether you’re running or not, it’s important to stay hydrated in spring and summer weather. You might as well do so with a product made from recycled glass!

Do you have any other favorite eco-friendly brands or products to use in the summer months? Tweet @onfrolic to let us know all about them!

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