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It's Getting Scot in Here by Suzanne Enoch

Author Suzanne Enoch has just come out with the first book in her new series – Wild Wicked Highlanders – and it’s called It’s Getting Scot in Here. It begins with the steamy romance between noble rugged Highlander Niall MacTaggert and the English Rose with whom he is falling madly in love with but sadly cannot have, Amelia-Rose.

After reading this steamy historical, it made us long for the sweeping Highland landscapes and London fashion from the novel so we thought, why not update the look?


Vintage Rose Sweater – $27.40


Walk around like the motor-mouthed and quick-witted Amelia-Rose that you are in this adorable vintage sweater. Rugged Scotsmen won’t be able to take their hands off of you.*

*They will likely be able to keep their hands to themselves but you will still look beautiful.

Long Plaid Dress – $23.99


We couldn’t read a book about the Scottish Highlands and still walk with our heads held high if we didn’t include plaid of some kind. Dress yourself like a lady of the land with this long Regency-esque maxi. It’s totes adorbs.

The best part? It’s got POCKETS. 😀

Mother of Pearl Opera Glasses – $66.76


One of the first major events of the story take place at the opera, where Niall’s older brother so gravely offends Amelia-Rose. Dress up for an opera of your own, only make sure it goes well for you with these gorgeous opera glasses!

Beautiful Summer Gloves – $6.49


Sip tea and picnic like a lady in these dainty gloves that would impress any Highlander. They also protect against UV radiation – perfect for summer outdoor activities!

Dainty Hair Combs – $22


Dress up your locks (but not loches, AMIRIGHT?) with these dainty, feminine combs. Guaranteed to sweep a Scot off his feet or your money back!*

*Legally we cannot make this guarantee, but we have the utmost faith in you.


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