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It’s that much beloved and much dreaded time again: time for New Year’s Resolutions. Common knowledge tells us that resolutions are valiant, but also likely to fail since it’s difficult to form lasting habits.

As for me? I decided a couple of years ago that I wouldn’t make hardcore resolutions but would instead do some broad intention-setting and goal-making that wouldn’t be so hard to keep up.

So whether you’re a resolution fan or a broad goal-setter, here are some items that might help you keep up your habits so you can become the person you want to be in 2019!

If Your Goal Is To (Literally) Put Your Best Face Forward…

This is a great goal for those of you who are eager to hop on the skincare bandwagon in 2019.  One excellent way to treat your skin without having to figure out a whole complicated regimen is to try out different face masks. I recommend a pack of masks to try like these Celavi Collagen Face Masks.

Multi-packs like these are so enjoyable because you can cater to whatever your skin needs on a particular day and you’ll be able to learn what ingredients you like most to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Another perk of these? They’re easy to use in all kinds of routines. Sinking into a relaxing bubble bath? Might as well add a face mask. Doing chores like cleaning the kitchen? Put on one of these masks while you work, and your complexion will be as glowing as your newly-wiped-down countertops!

Another simple product for newbies in the skincare club is a good toning water. Lucky for you, this Mario Badescu Spritz Mist and Glow 3 piece set provides lovely options to enjoy while you integrate a toning water into your routine!

Whether you’re doing a spritz before applying moisturizer or spraying on a toning water for a nice pre-bedtime ritual, these three Mario Badescu facial spritzes are effective but simple choices for those of you who are eager to make 2019 the year to nail down a skincare routine. 

If Your Goal Is To Move Your Body More…

This is actually one of my main goals in the new year, and I’m sure I’m not alone. However, my goal to exercise and move more in general isn’t tied to any particular weight loss or fitness goal (that’s not my style!). Rather, it’s just great for the mind and body to have a workout routine that makes me happy, and I can’t wait to try new classes and join my local gym to find exercises that make me happy!

For those of you who are newly prioritizing (or re-prioritizing) yoga, this 7 piece kit from Clever Yoga has you covered!

From active vinyasa to passive yin to super sweaty hot yoga, all of these pieces will support you in your journey toward a better mind-body connection!

And for those of us who are just trying to fit in more regular trips to the gym before and after work, I’ve found a fun treat: the Oflamn Sports Gym Bag.

First thing’s first: this beautiful bag is a perky shade of pink! If I’m getting up early to fit in a workout before work, the lovely color would be enough to brighten my mood and convince me, “Hey girl. You got this. Now fire up a podcast and hit that treadmill!”

But in addition to its pretty color, this bag is perfect because it’s incredibly functional with a little shoe compartment and a lined water-resistant segment that’s perfect for keeping a swimsuit or discarded gym clothes!

If Your Goal Is To Get Organized…

Getting organized can take on lots of different forms! If you’re just looking to keep to a schedule with all of your plans for the week in one place, a lovely easy-to-use planner is one of the best purchases you can make!

This Wildwood Weekly Planner by Rifle Paper Co. will help get your calendar into gear! I’m a bit biased, because this is the exact planner that I use. But I think it’s a worthwhile purchase for anyone.

There are monthly calendar pages so you can get a glance at the big picture, but each week also just has a few lines per day for you to write and check off appointments. Plus, there are some unbelievably cute stickers in the back so you can give yourself a proverbial gold star whenever something excellent happens in your perfectly organized planner!

Of course, organization also translates to the physical spaces in our lives. For the person who is hoping to find a perfect home for their books, assorted desk supplies, and other randomness that clutters our lives, it might be time for a new piece of furniture that helps transform your space!

This mDesign Storage Tower provides a simple yet elegant solution for at-home storage. Bigger bins are perfect for everything from cat toys that aren’t in use (a perpetual clutter-causer in my own home) to stacks of books that you don’t have room for on your shelves (I bet we’ve all been there at one point or another). The littler bins accommodate all those “junk drawer” faves…the things you need but don’t need to have out 24/7.

Luckily, this sleek storage solution could work in all kinds of spaces at home, too. It’s easy to imagine it in a kitchen, a bedroom, an entry way, or wherever you need your items conveniently organized and within reach!

If Your Goal Is To Cook More…

One important step to cooking more at home is learning from the pros! It can be so much fun to kick off a cooking adventure by examining popular celeb cookbooks. If you’re the kind of person who wants to learn more about how to wow your friends and family with shareable comfort food, then Chrissy Teigen’s popular Cravings cookbook will serve you well.

Hoping to find delicious but easy-to-make meals that will help you in your food prep goals? The Barefoot Contessa is here for you with her Make It Ahead cookbook!

And if you can’t tell by now, I am a big believer in the idea that a visually appealing item goes a long way in inspiring you to follow through with your goals. So why not treat yourself to a gorgeous piece of cookware like this Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven?

Its beautiful blue color would be a standout in any kitchen. Can’t you just imagine coming home and making a delicious one-pot meal just like all of those mesmerizing cooking videos on Facebook and Instagram? What a lovely mental image!

Whatever your goals, hopes and dreams, I hope you enjoy making 2019 the best year it can be!

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