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Frolic readers, let me share a little bit with you. This post was inspired by the fact that I recently transitioned into a job that requires a bit more effort on the makeup front. And by that, I mean I am expected to wear even a little bit of makeup instead of my former foundation-free face.

I realized that my super old makeup bag with its random disorganized assortment of lipsticks, brushes and crazypants old eyeshadow samples would not do.  As my daily makeup collection and routine improves, my storage habits must also shift with the times. I’m in the market for a new, organized makeup case and I’m bringing you along for the ride while I showcase my favorites!

For Some Glitz To Match Your Loudest Eyeshadow Colors: The Glitter Shine Cosmetic Pouch by Md trade – $12.59

If you’re revamping your makeup and storage like I am, the motto could easily be “Go glam or go home!” This makeup pouch is perfect if you like to feel feminine and glitzy while you pull out your favorite products to use each day.

Plus, the design makes it the perfect size for keeping a few favorite essentials on the go!

For A Bag That’s Simple But Extremely Effective: NiceEbag Travel Makeup Bag – $19.99

Look, I’m not a terribly organized person, but the sight of all those makeup brushes neatly lined up in the main compartment made me drool just a bit. It’s so wonderful to get an organizational product like this that provides a convenient home for every makeup need.

Plus, for makeup newbies like me who may not have an arsenal of brushes, those little pouches are still perfect for full-size lip glosses and mascara!

For Space-Saving Storage At Home And On The Go: The Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag – $9.99+

First thing’s first: This bag comes in sooooo many cute color and pattern options! That means it’s both functional and representative of your personality. My personal favorite is the Green Leaves pattern, but the cacti are also particularly appealing.

And now let’s talk about the function: hanging makeup bags are fantastic for those of us who have tiny bathrooms with limited counter space, because you can just hang them up on the door or towel rack to have full access to every product you need! Plus, this one has space for other cosmetics like shampoo, body wash or lotion for people who need to have all their products on trips!

For A Classy Way To Keep A Few Essentials On The Go: The Sleeko Makeup Bag – $19.85

This bag may not have the beautiful bulk organizing power of the NiceEbag, but that doesn’t diminish its usefulness!

As someone who loves a bulky purse, I am a frequent user of the “bag within a bag” system. I use bags like the Sleeko Makeup Bag organize my daily essentials within the greater chaos of crumpled receipts, books on the go and tins of mints that can be found in my giant purse.

This makeup bag is ideal for keeping the workday touch-up essentials: 1-2 favorite lip colors, a small foundation stick, a travel-size mascara, and one of those compact mirrors that we all get when someone gives us a Sephora gift card. And Voila! You’re set to look fabulous wherever you go!

For An Old School Classic That Can’t Let You Down: Caboodles Purple Marble Vintage Case – $16.99

Caboodles, you were there for me when my only makeup needs were storing the multi-pack of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers I got in my stocking (Dr. Pepper flavor forever!!) and the Minnie Mouse themed eye shadow palette that my mom probably instantly regretted buying me, because I was an eight year old with no chill when it came to vibrant colors.

So it makes sense that even in my 30’s I could turn to a classic organizing system for all the new makeup I’m acquiring! A retro storage case like this would certainly add some youthful whimsy to my routine.

Whether you’re a slight makeup novice like me or you’re a beauty pro who needs a new way to store your ever-increasing lipstick collection, I hope some of these bags and cases will help meet your needs!


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