#MerchMonday Match Your Nails To Your Favorite Summer Book

#MerchMonday Match Your Nails To Your Favorite Summer Book

By Frolic

Great books can inspire many things - they feature many lives and locations and cultures. They can even inspire the way that you look. How great does it feel to look like your favorite heroine on the outside, and feel like her on the inside?

It feels pretty great. Enter Frolic.

We've compiled the best nail polish colors so that your nails can match your favorite summer read.

Crazy Rich Asians - Patent Shine 10x

This light grey polish is sure to match your book and please any future mother-in-laws you might be trying to impress.

Wicked and the Wallflower: Essie The Fuchsia is Bright

Bold and just the right amount of seductive, you'll feel as sexy as the girl on this cover. Guaranteed.

Ghosted: Orly Turn It Up

Match the bold bursts of color on this cover with this confetti-inspired polish. It's pretty adorbs.

Next Year in Havana: OPI Aloha

This beautiful coral will bring out your inner romantic as you tote around this amazing summer read.

The Summer Wives: China Glaze Paper Chasing

Match your nails to your vintage bathing suit with this glistening green.

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