#MerchMonday Presents Important Kitchen Tools You Will Need For Thanksgiving

#MerchMonday Presents Important Kitchen Tools You Will Need For Thanksgiving

By Frolic

This is a week of big turkeys, mouthwatering kitchen smells, and giving thanks. Hopefully it's a week spent with family, or really good friends. If you're one of the brave souls cooking this year, we have just the thing for you!

Cooking can be tricky - but it doesn't have to be! With the help of these random kitchen tools you didn't know you need but totally do, check them out!

Turkey Lifter Forks

It's go big or go home for the turkey - but what is the best way to lift it out of that cooking pan an onto a platter? Enter these weird forks that will make the transfer safe and easy - hopefully...

Flavor Injector

You read that right. Think you've been eating properly flavored meat your whole life? Think again! This giant, scary meat needle will help you serve up a turkey with unforgettable flavor.

Potato Ricer

Make the greatest, softest mashed potatoes that anyone's ever had with this stainless steel potato ricer.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Pot

Is it expensive? Yes, yes it is. But this is the greatest, most durable pot in the cooking industry, and it's French and it comes in a TON of colors. It also comes with the stew!*

*Does not actually come with the stew. But you could make it!

Gravy Separator 

Has the fat been sitting on top of your gravy like it did during the STONE AGE? Get rid of that problem with this amazing gravy separator! It'll keep your gravy somewhat healthy.

And never forget...


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