#MerchMonday Presents Oprah’s Favorite Things!

#MerchMonday Presents Oprah’s Favorite Things!

By Frolic

We're well into the holiday season, which means that you're probably starting your shopping list for friends, family, and other such loved ones. If you're bad at picking gifts for other people, we happen to know someone who's excellent at it -


And we're rounded up our FAVORITE picks of hers to share with you. So go ahead and GET AHEAD in the gift-giving department. You're going to crush it.

LA Relaxed "The Jumpsuit"

Comfy, cozy, ans stylish, this jumpsuit is the hottest way to be chill.

Gratitude Letters

Show your most loved loved ones that you love them by writing them one letter a month for a year. The book includes different prompts for you to fill out so that you can keep them thinking about you all year long.

Glamourpuss Faux Fur Mittens

Keep your hands nice and toasty with these adorable mittens!

La Chatelaine Deluxe 12 Hand Cream Gift Set

Keep those wintery hands moisturized with these Oprah-approved hand creams!

Julep Divine Shine Ultra-Hydrating Lip Gloss Collection

Keep your lips looking amazing and hydrating with these deluxe lip glosses.

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