Modern Love Poems: The Sun & The Moon by Adelle Woods


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the sun & the moon

our eyes meet,

like rain on a

summer’s day;

a collision

of ice

and fire.

a disaster


a masterpiece

all in one.

you & me,

the world

at our feet.


we are

two hearts,

two minds,

two skeletons.

my breath

seeps into

your lungs

and we come

to breathe

as one.

we, like the sun

and the moon,

share the same

night sky.


we love

the same way

we hate;




if I break,

you will break too,

and there is something


about that.


my hand

will slip

from yours


the void

between us

will grow

and empty space

will wrap its hands

around my throat.

but as long

as the stars

stay pinned

to the sky,

I will stay


to you.

under the cover of darkness

I crack my knuckles

on your shoulder

when the sun goes down.

life is easier to swallow

when I feel your pulse

beneath my fingertips.

when we wake,

the sky will be

above us again,

the ground will be

underneath us, 

and the shadows

on the walls

will dissipate

with each inhale.

we’ll feel alive again.

it’s always easier to breathe

under the cover of darkness.

when we can’t see

the tendrils of smoke

curling around our chest,

we don’t have to worry

about dying.

about death.

about the monsters

in our heads.

we’ve been here before,

where we touch

and the world

threatens to explode.

but I’d rather burn

than forget

what your skin

feels like.

it is a home

for my bones

to be laid to rest

when the sun descends

behind the horizon.

I have a lot to lose

and so do you.

so, we’ll burn until

the day is through.


making friends with a hurricane

I believe that

love fades with time,

like a painting upon a wall

that has seen decades

traipse by.

the paint may fade,

but the memory

is likely to stay.

my love for you

was a hurricane

and I dismantled it 

in my trembling hands

when I realised

it was going

to destroy me.

I am on a warpath

to redemption

and you’re still drowning

inside yourself.

and you can’t save someone

who has no interest

in being saved.

you’re an infection

that is still spreading

across my skin,

but I can’t cut

the infection out

without losing

a vital part

of myself, too.

I don’t want to lose you.

I don’t want you to become

a distant memory

like a fading painting

on a wall.

but you’ve held

my mind hostage

for far too long

and I need

to breathe


how do you walk away

from a person

who once used to be

your home?

our hands

have never touched

and we’ve never breathed

the same air,

but I placed my heart

into your hands

after you promised me

there’d be safety

with you.

but safety haunts me

like a restless ghost

and this home

is crumbling

before my eyes.

you’re still

trying to drag me

under the surface

and I’m still


for air.

but I’ll hold my breath

knowing one day

our hearts

will find a home

About the Author:

twenty years old. south australian. writer of prose & poetry. fangirl. wanderess. dog lover. music addict. tv show binger.

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