Modern Love Poems: You Fill Up a Room with Heart by Shrutee Choudhary


[Note from Frolic: We’re so excited to welcome poet Shrutee Choudhary back to the site. She’s sharing more of her breathtaking modern love poems with us!]

1 ) you fill up a room with heart

and when you step out of the door

it falls apart

it’s just four walls and vain furnishing

a box, awaiting some meaning

I guess what I’m trying to say is

you fill up my heart

so maybe, don’t leave?

2) It still feels like yesterday 

and a million years ago

when I melted into your arms 

the way snow melts, when it rains

my lips turned to ash

the red in me began to live

within your veins.

I know it’s summer now

but the scent on your sweatshirt remains

so I make my room go really, really cold

just so I can sleep close to you again.

3 ) the night before I left for home

you kissed me softly, reminding me

that it won’t be long until 

we’d be back together again

hands clasped, bodies entangled

and while I was gone

you promised to send me a song

one for each day

it has been sixty five days

of being without you

and I bet they don’t write songs

about the situation we are in

so do I write one?

something about the weather

being stormy for three months 

submerging everything that is 


something about time being 

bipolar, countries being at war 

the poor dying

something about a tiny something 

invisible but infectious 

like the brackets around your smile

and I, drawing a warm bath

of privilege, standing on a ledge 

screaming your name

until my phone makes a sound

and it’s one of your songs again.

About the Author:

When I’m not busy being a goofball, I like to complicate my life for a living, so I can try and uncomplicate it with words. 

I like to travel and make pictures. I’m also an actor, so I’m really all about the stories. 

In poetic terms, 

I’m the wormhole between reality and fiction

I’m the rhyme and the contradiction. 

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