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Since there are only four activities left on the planet (working, writing, working out, and drinking), I’ve been working out a lot more lately. And, as with most things I do, I can’t get through it without music. Because I have 1,991 songs saved on Spotify, it was hard to narrow down a playlist of songs to work out to. These ones work for me, and I hope they’ll help you get through your workouts as well! 

1. Vertigo by Glades

This latest release from Australian band Glades became a quick favorite of mine. The easy transition from the verses to the chorus make those minutes fly by. 

2. Vampires by L.I.F.T 

Okay, so this is my angry song. Every time I run, I’m fueled by at least 29% spite. How could the lyrics “Sorry, sweetheart but now my blood pumps just to hate you” NOT get me in the zone?

3. Domino by the Karma Killers

This is one of those songs that I get stuck in my head every so often and need to listen to IMMEDIATELY. There are lots of songs with this title, but this is the superior “Domino.”

4. Some Kind of Disaster by All Time Low

I was never a HUGE All Time Low fan until they collabed with my favorite band, The Band Camino. When my brother sent me the track, I turned on the rest of their new album, Wake Up Sunshine, and have not turned it off for several weeks. Some Kind of Disaster is the first track on the album, and it’s the perfect song to make you feel like a moody teen in a 90s coming of age flick. 

5. This is Who We Are by Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights is one of my favorite pop-punk bands. This song was featured in one of my favorite shows, Tower Prep, over a montage of main character Ian Archer running dramatically through the woods. The guitar riffs here make it easy to stay hyped. 

6. Silly Boy by the Blue Van

This song is the opening music to my favorite rom com of all time, The First Time, starring Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson. Not only does it have a great chorus, but I basically watch the opening scene in my mind while the music is playing. 

7. Without You by Junip

The weirdest song on this playlist. I like this song for two reasons: it’s five minutes long, which means I run a decent length while it’s playing, and it was featured in The Nine Lives of Chloe King season finale. It was also recently in an episode of Prodigal Son, my new obsession. Perfect for reflecting on life, or, you know, struggling to breathe. 

8. All My Life by Dave Days

I love this song for one reason only: the Back to the Future reference. 

Just kidding. It’s also a pretty good song. Definitely angsty enough to help you get through that last half mile. 

9. The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News

Marty McFly on a skateboard. What more can I say? During my recent Back to the Future trivia binge, I found out that this song was written specifically for BTTF. No wonder I love it so much! 

10. Had Enough by Half the Animal

Half the Animal has a discography full of great songs, but Had Enough has taken its spot as my favorite! It switches up their classic style a bit while keeping the top notch vocals and instrumentals. 

Listen to the full playlist here. What’s on your workout playlist?


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