My First Male-Male Romance by Kate Olson

My First Male-Male Romance by Kate Olson

By Kate Olson

There is a before and an after. A period of my life BEFORE I read anything but male-female steamy romances… and the AFTER. After is where I am now. The change came about back on New Year’s Eve Day 2017 when I decided that right that minute I NEEDED to create a reading journal for 2018. And when I decided I needed to create that journal, I also decided that it needed to include stats. I have been focusing on reading more diversely and expanding my reading worldview for quite some time now, but wanted to be able to quantify things (can you tell I’m a former accountant??) such as type of romantic relationship, racial diversity of the main characters, setting of books, male/female characters, etc. More on that over here.

When I created my categories, I mentally sorted my 2017 books into the categories and realized that I had read almost NO books with a male-male romantic/sexual relationship. And any that I had read previous to that were young adult titles. To remedy the situation, I sent a call out to my Instagram friends and received a lot of recommendations ~ you can see some of them here, and they keep rolling in.

One of my favorite reading friends (and an author with a brand new book out this month!!!), Leigh Kramer, recommended Idlewild by Jude Sierra and it became my first ever steamy male-male romance - I will never, ever forget it both because of it being my first and because of the sweet, steamy romance in it. Please note that when Leigh recommends romances to me, I buy them on Amazon instantly. No question.

Idlewild by Jude Sierra 

Idlewild is a true steamy romance in the sense that the main storyline revolves around a romantic relationship, and there are fairly graphic sexual descriptions. Definitions vary by source, of course, but this is what I use in my classifications. The book is set in Detroit, Michigan in the restaurant world and that is one of the reasons I love it so much ~ the recovery of the city is fascinating to me, and books about food and restaurants are always at the top of my reading lists. As for the LOVE, well…….Asher and Tyler are absolutely delicious together. Their romance is that of an older, more experienced (and damaged) restaurant owner falling for a younger, more innocent med student. Racial diversity also plays into the relationship and adds welcome depth to the story, especially given the controversies surrounding the gentrification of the city they are living and working in.

Whether you are a regular reader of male-male romances or as new to the subgenre as I was, I highly recommend adding Idlewild to your TBR list. I challenge you to not swoon as Tyler and Asher navigate their burgeoning relationship amidst the challenging world of a new restaurant venture.

About the Author

Kate Olson is a reader, blogger, librarian, wife and mother in Wisconsin. When not reading, she is buying books, taking pictures of books for Instagram, sorting and shelving books or writing about books (here). While she attempts to read a wide variety of genres on a regular basis, her first loves will always be romance and women’s fiction.

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