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When I started writing romance, it was because I loved the genre and wanted to create my own stories and worlds within in. Like any writer worth their salt, I tried to read widely. Of course, I had some favorite traditionally-published authors, but it was important for me to see what else was out there. I began to search for other stories, other voices.

My search for new reading material brought me to the indie romance scene. Suddenly, my ereader was full of exciting new tales, many of which I still remember fondly.

And then something special happened.

As I began to establish my own author profile on social media, the first people to reach out to me were indie romance authors. They invited me to blog with them, to share my news on their pages, and they helped me celebrate my milestones.

It was the first time I felt a sense of community in the romance world, and I’ll never forget the authors who made me feel part of something good and important.

Many of those authors coached me and offered advice as I tried to navigate the waters of publishing. Many shared their own experiences, their highs and their lows. When you’re new to the scene, it can be so intimidating to ask for help. To have someone offer it is overwhelming.

I guess that emotion stayed with me. As I continued my own publishing journey, I wanted very much to be that voice of welcome to new authors. And even though I now publish with a couple of smaller presses, my heart still belongs to the indie scene. I have so much respect for writers who do it all: marketing, formatting and covers, as well as crafting engaging stories.

The talent pool in the indie romance world is astounding. This article is my homage to the self-published authors who are at the top of my reading list. I think they should be on your list too. If you haven’t yet explored the indie scene, these recommendations will get you off to a good start.

Zoe York earned her place on my “go to authors” list years ago, and her work just gets better and better. I first fell in love with her stories with her Wardham series. They are sweet and sexy, all at once, and a great starting off point for this author’s work.

Christine D’Abo is one of my favorite hybrid authors. She writes them sexy and smart, and she provides a fresh take on some time-honored tropes.

Jackie Lau is one of the hottest names in the indie romance world today, and rightly so. Her romantic comedies have brought humor and joy to many readers, and I have a feeling they will continue to do so for a long time.

I’ve been following the career of Kay Blake for some time and am thrilled to see her getting recognition and winning awards. Not only is Kay an awesome writer, she is passionate about promoting romance. Check her out today.

I’m so excited to see the launch of Rosemary Rey’s Shepherds and Lambs this April. I had a chance to beta read this romantic suspense, and really enjoyed it. The book is now available for all to enjoy, and I urge you to grab your copy now.

The indie romance community is vibrant and dynamic. Stories written by these authors have found a place on bookshelves everywhere, and continue to resonate with new readers. I’ve made a lot of relationships within the indie world, but those friendships began with some very good reads.

I hope you’ll include these authors on your to-be-read list!

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