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After what feels like the longest January in recorded history, we’re in February. And that means … most of us have probably started lagging or totally given up the resolutions we made at the beginning of the year. In fact, about 80% of people “fail” at their New Year’s resolutions by the second week of February. If you want help to reinvigorate your commitment to your resolution, perhaps one of the following romance novels will help motivate you. Whether you’ve decided you want to cook for yourself more, improve your professional life, or become more politically engaged, these books could help get you back on track!

If your resolution was to cook more, read Luck on the Line by Zoraida Córdova 

Lucky Pierce (yes, that’s her name) has been bouncing between colleges, jobs, boyfriends, and cities. The only constant in her life is returning home to Boston on the anniversary of her father’s death. But this year something’s different. Her celebrity foodie mom asks her to stay and help her run the launch of her new restaurant. Hoping to help her mom out and secure her next tuition check, Lucky agrees. Then she meets James, the head chef with a bad boy reputation and an annoyingly specific coffee order. Even more annoying is the undeniable attraction between them. This love/hate, restaurant romance will certainly inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen. Along with sultry smooches and undeniable sexual chemistry, this book has so many delicious food descriptions!


If your resolution was to try a dating app, read The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai 

Don’t get me wrong, dating apps can be a drag. But they’ve become a staple of modern dating and the most popular way couples can meet. Some people probably think there is no way to make meeting on an app romantic enough for a romance novel. But this book proves them wrong! Rhiannon Hunter started a woman-friendly dating app, but rarely partakes in online dating herself. When she made an exception with Samson, he ended up ghosting her and it wasn’t worth the heartbreak. Then he becomes a spokesperson for a rival dating app. He wants a second chance. She wants to inside info on the rival app. This book inspires big internet dating swoons that will get you swiping right (and left and left and left) in no time.  

If your resolution was to become more politically engaged, read Loving the Secret Billionaire by Adriana Anders 

This novella is a little over the top, but very charming and so fun to read. The heroine Veronica is running for city council hoping to a create positive change her in community. She meets Zach going door to door asking for votes. Zach is a reclusive, blind, billionaire who is a little younger. But their chemistry is instant! He instantly wants to support her as a candidate and spend as much time with her as possible. And she is obviously smitten too. Besides being against the political backdrop of Veronica’s campaign, this book challenges a lot of romance industry norms. The heroine is older than the hero, and (perhaps more notably) the hero is a virgin. A quick and fun read, that had me wishing it was long enough to be a full novel because I liked these characters so much. Veronica’s desire to help her community and perspective as a preschool teacher are also so inspirational and motivating!

If your resolution was to start a business or find a new job read How to Hack a Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway

Mel is an expert coder who took a job she’s way overqualified for running tech support at a startup incubator. She dreams of starting her own app or website, but instead spends her time helping inappropriate “brogrammers” fix their laptops after they download viruses from porn sites. But after being stood up on a date and receiving more dick pics than she should count, she creates a viral app JerkAlert. The name says it all. On the app women can call out guys on dating apps for their bad behavior. But it’s much more popular than Mel expected and is hard to balance with her day job. Also, she’s trying to keep it a secret. Also, she doesn’t know what her new beau Alex will think if he finds out. Mel is a heroine who needs to take control of her career and her love life. The workplace drama that unfolds behind this techie romance will help motivate readers to reconsider their own professional goals.

If your resolution was to work out more or learn a sport read Kulti by Mariana Zapata 

Twenty-seven year old Sal’s whole life revolves around soccer. As an international soccer icon, she’s at the peak of her game and nothing can shift her focus. Except when her childhood soccer idle, Reiner Kulti becomes the assistant coach for her team. At first, she’s nervous to meet her famous, former crush. But soon his brooding, grumpy attitude gets under her skin. This insta-hate eventually gives way to a slow burn romance. Plus, the soccer and training scenes get intense. The connection these two characters have through dedicating their lives to a sport is clear on every page. 

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