Office Romance Finds Its Place at the Top of the Romance Genre by Rebecca Shea

Office romances are making a splash! These stories are simply delightful. Author Rebecca Shea shares some of her favorites.

[Note from Frolic: We’re so excited to have author Rebecca Shea guest posting on the site today! She’s talking steamy office romances. Take it away, Rebecca!]

I think it’s safe to say that most romance readers enjoy a good office romance, right? The key to the perfect office romance is when the storyline is chock full of angst, witty banter, and steamy romance all wrapped around an office setting. What makes it better is when there are interesting side characters that drum up some additional angst and/or humor.

In fictional romance, in novels, TV, and movies, nothing makes me happier than a good ol’ office romance. The angst, the push and the pull, the thrill of the chase, and the forbidden aspect that so many find appealing is why I love writing office romance. Many of us know someone (or multiple someones) who have met and fallen in love at work. 

For many people, they spend more time at work than they do at home or with friends and family. It’s only natural that so many meet and fall in love in the workplace. Take Jim and Pam from the television show The Office, probably the most well-known office romance couple in modern times. While their relationship played out over several years, no one was rooting for them to get together more than me. The cute banter, the stolen kisses, the quirky side characters/office mates. All of it combined was utter perfection. They inspired me to write (steamier) office romance. Romance with a little more sizzle and a little less shyness.

Barring any company fraternization policies, office romance is quite common today. Many companies don’t have any policy around it so long as the two people involved are not in a direct report or manager/subordinate role. However, these are the forbidden romances I find so intriguing. The ones we’re not supposed to like, but yet, those of us greedy for that angst fall head over heels for. 

Most importantly, the key to a good office romance is that the romance must always be between two consenting co-workers. Consent is a big MUST for me in office romance. Sexual harassment or non-consensual office romance isn’t fun and should never be tolerated or glamorized, even in a fictional setting. I’m sure it’s out there, maybe it’s your thing, but you won’t find me recommending or writing it. Safe, consensual, angsty office romance is what we’re going to talk about today.

Now that we got that out of the way, for those of you new to the office romance genre, or looking to explore a few office romance recommendations, let me share the name of a few of my titles with you along with some of my other favorite office romances. 

First, my newest release, Unexpectedly Yours finds Gracie and Drew, who agree to a one-night stand. Only when Gracie arrives at the office the next morning she finds her partner from last night has purchased her company. The chemistry from the night before is still there and off the charts, and the two can’t keep their hands (and other body parts) off of each other in this sweet and sexy standalone office romance.

Dare Me is about a small- town North Dakota girl, Saige, who moves to Chicago to follow her deceased fathers dreams. Saige falls for her boss Holt Hamilton, owner of Jackson-Hamilton aviation after losing a drunken game of truth or dare, where her dare was to ask Holt on a date. Only not everything is what it seems, as Holt, the handsome and rich owner of her company holds secrets he’s hiding from Saige. This is a romance rollercoaster full of sexual tension, chemistry, and twists and turns you won’t see coming in this standalone office romance.

In addition to my two titles above, here are a few other titles I suggest you check out:

Office Mate by Katie Ashley

A slow burn, enemies-to-lovers office romance.

The Space Between by Kate Canterbary

A brilliant, alpha architect. A smart, sultry apprentice. What could possibly go wrong?

Nailed by Cora Brent

An enemies-to-lovers office romance.

Tempt the Boss by Natasha Madison

A romantic and funny office romance.

Broken Hart by Ella Fox

A super steamy office romance that isn’t for the faint of heart.

I hope you find and fall in love with the office romance genre. While not every book will have the Jim and Pam sweet, office storyline, you’ll no doubt fall in love with another couple and enjoy their journey in an office setting. Happy reading!

About the Author:

Rebecca Shea is the USA Today bestselling author of the Unbreakable series: Unbreakable, Undone, and Unforgiven, the Bound and Broken series: Broken by Lies, Bound by Lies, and Betrayed by Lies, and standalone titles, Dare Me, Fault Lines, and Unexpectedly Yours. She’s also co-written two books with her longtime friend, A.L. Jackson, The Hollywood Chronicles series: One Wild Night and One Wild Ride. Rebecca is a sucker for a good office romance, second-chance romances, and happily ever after’s. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Unexpectedly Yours by Rebecca Shea, out now!


They promised they would never see each other again, but fate had other plans.

Andrew’s entire life has been spent working toward one goal—to own the top advertising and public relations company in the world. He’s driven, ruthless when it comes to business, never letting anything stand in his way . . . until Grace.

Grace has worked hard to build her advertising career. She’s fiercely talented and dedicated to her clients. Grace has no interest in getting involved with a man when she knows her focus should be on her career and paying off her mounting debt.

Andrew knows better than to get involved with a woman who is completely off limits, but he never backs down from what he wants, and he won’t stop until Grace is his . . . only this might cost him more than he’s willing to give.

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