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[Note from Frolic: This post is brought to you by our friends at Kensington. Looking for your next favorite profiler? Look no further than You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti, out now!]

Here at Frolic, we love a great romantic suspense novel. There are so many great characters to find inside them, heroes and villains alike. Some of the most interesting characters in crime fiction are the profilers. Profilers look at people, crime scenes and more, spotting things that no one else can see. They’re part smarts, part bravery, and all badass. From romantic suspense novels to heart-pounding TV series, read on to discover your next favorite fictional profiler. 

1. Laurel from You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti

We’re absolutely obsessed with badass profiler Laurel from Rebecca Zanetti’s latest, YOU CAN RUN. In this new novel, profiler Laurel Snow must team up with mysterious former soldier Huck to solve a series of gruesome crimes around her hometown. If you like your romance with a side of heart-pounding suspense, Laurel is the profiler for you. Here’s more about the book: 

Laurel Snow wouldn’t call hunting a serial killer a vacation, but with a pile of dead bodies unearthed near her Genesis Valley, WA, hometown, she’ll take what she can get. Yet something about this case stirs her in unexpected ways. Like the startling connection she feels to Dr. Abigail Caine, a fiercely intelligent witness with a disturbing knack for making Laurel feel like she has something on her. Then there’s Laurel’s attraction to Huck Rivers, the fish and wildlife officer guiding her to the crime scene—and into the wilderness…

A former soldier and a trained sniper, Huck’s thirst for blood is rivaled only by his fierce pursuit of Laurel. He’s been burned by love, wounded by the government, and betrayed before, and to say he has trust issues is the ultimate understatement. Plus, he might be closer to this killer than anybody knows…

Once in the heart of darkness with Huck, Laurel must negotiate her distracting desire for him, her complex rapport with Abigail—and her mission to find a serial killer among a growing list of suspects and a danger that’s far too close to home. So close in fact, Laurel fears she will never find her way back to the woman she once was…

Malcolm Bright
2. Malcolm Bright from Prodigal Son

If you missed this show when it was on air, now is the perfect time to binge it! Come along with (very sexy) profiler Malcolm Bright as he hunts down dangerous serial killers. You’ll also love the adorable will-they-won’t-they with his coworker Dani. We love it when profilers are easy on the eyes…

3. Cassie from The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

An oldie but a goodie! This book series follows high schooler Cassie as she learns she has a natural ability to profile anyone she comes across. When the FBI taps her into their prestigious Naturals program to solve cold cases, she’ll learn just how dangerous her ability can be.

4. Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is the perfect show for anyone in the mood for a fun procedural! Derek is our pick for…reasons.

Curl up with one of these great books or shows, and make sure to snag your copy of YOU CAN RUN from your favorite bookstore!

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