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Throughout the last year or so, I have become obsessed with buying candles. I know I’m late on the candle loving train, but since I’ve been stuck at home, I found that the perfect candle scent really sets the mood for relaxation and productivity. (Yes, I did take advantage of Candle Day sales, thank you for asking.) I adore lighting a candle and curling up with a great book, so I thought I’d pair some of my favorite candle scents with some of my most anticipated 2021 book releases! 

Rose Water & Ivy” & All The Tides of Fate by Adalyn Grace (February 2nd) 

Another sea-faring book, are we surprised? Absolutely not. The first book in this duology, All The Stars and Teeth came out in early 2020 and I devoured it in one sitting. The romance in the first book is heart-wrenching, but the slow burn only intensifies in the sequel! For this sequel, I chose a light and airy scent to pair nicely with Amora’s bachelorette endeavors.

Midnight Blue Citrus” & The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec (February 9th)

When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with mythology! This book reimagines Norse mythology and centers around a banished witch who falls in love with the trickster god Loki! Sign me up! 

White Eucalyptus & Sage” & The Stolen Kingdom by Jillian Boehme (March 2nd) 

Royal politics and kingdoms always peak my interest, especially when ideas of seizing the throne come into play. Filled with magic, politics, and romance, this YA fantasy is something that you do not want to miss out on! 

Lavender Vanilla” & An Unexpected Peril by Deanna Raybourn (March 2nd)

This series is one of my all time favorites. Reading mystery/historical fiction always makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and light some classic candle scents such as this perfect blend of lavender and vanilla!

Mahogany Teakwood” & Last Call: A True Story of Love, Lust, and Murder in Queer New York by Elon Green (March 9th) 

I have never really been into true crime books, but this one brings so much attention to the Last Call Killer and gay community of New York City that they preyed on. This is an immensely topic heavy book, but if you are looking to get into more true crime and nonfiction books, definitely give this one a go! 

Eucalyptus Tea” & Gathering Dark by Candice Fox (March 16th)

This mystery/thriller stressed me out in the best way possible when I was reading! The tagline alone is enough to get you hooked: “A convicted killer. A gifted thief. A vicious ganglord. A disillusioned cop. Together they’re a missing girl’s only hope.” If you decide on picking up any hard hitting, thriller novels, definitely read with a relaxing scent to calm your nerves while you read this action packed mystery! 

Bergamot Waters” & Namesake by Adrienne Young (March 16th) 

It is no secret that I speed read any book that takes place on the sea. I loved the first book in this duology, Fable, earlier this year and the sequel definitely lives up to the hype of the first! Filled with sea-faring adventures, romance, and jewels, if you love strong female leads and high stakes politics, definitely give this duology a try.

Sugared Lemon Zest” & The Drowning Kind by Jennifer McMahon (April 6th) 

I just love a great thriller book! I usually like to go into my thrillers without knowing too much, and I think that’s the perfect way to go into McMahon’s high stakes release! This candle is a perfect match as it’s fresh scent will be sure to keep you on your toes while you’re reading!

Watermelon Lemonade” & Cool For The Summer by Dahlia Adler (May 11th)

This is one of my favorite summer scents, so it only made sense to pair it with a super cute contemporary romance! This book is full of self-discovery and summer love, which makes it perfect for all of us eagerly awaiting summer! Also, can we take a moment to appreciate this stunning cover?! This book comes out in May.

What’s your go to, cozy candle scent? Leave us a comment below!

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