Perfect Pairings: Girl Scout Cookies and Romance Tropes

We've paired your favorite girl scout cookies with romance tropes. These sweet combinations are almost good enough to eat.

It’s that time of year where small children go door to door and sell drugs–I mean cookies. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season, the best holiday season to happen since half-priced holiday candy! While you devour your cookie of choice, grab a romance novel to go along with it!

Lemonades: Historical Romance

I don’t know about you, but when I think of these cookies after reading just a few historical romance books, I can’t help but think about all the parties, gatherings and balls where all they have to drink is very weak lemonade. These cookies are probably the best thing to come out of lemons since limoncello.

We've paired your favorite girl scout cookies with romance tropes. These sweet combinations are almost good enough to eat.
Thin Mints: Love at First “Bite”

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love Thin Mints. When you try your first Thin Mint, you can’t just have one, so you try another, then another, and soon you’ve eaten the entire box. If you are new to this wonderful genre, romance is like a box of Thin Mints: once you’ve had a taste, you simply can’t read one and move on. You’ll read something that’s like the first one but by the end of your imaginary box, you’ve devoured a whole bunch of different romance categories. 

Caramel deLites/Samoas: Vacation Romance

Coconut, chocolate, caramel, and the perfect crunch of a cookie! I’m sorry did I just describe a cookie, or heaven? Much like the Thin Mint, these are freaking addictive in all the best ways, but what makes these the perfect cookies for your vacation romance trope is that while all these ingredients work really well together, they are also amazing when separate!

Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs: Young Love

YA have a special place in all our hearts, whether it’s the books you read as a teenager or the YA books you read as an adult, there’s something simple and complex and if that’s not describing Tagalongs (or Peanut Butter Patties), then talk to the hand! We know that chocolate and peanut butter go together just as much as peanut butter goes with jelly, but then you get that extra cookie part in there and it’s just like any YA book. You get the fun part of growing up, then the complex part (hello high school mayhem), and just when you think you know where the story is going, you get that extra cookie part and oh be still my teenage angsty heart! So, break out of your normal reading style and pick up a YA romance and get yourself a box of these cookies and you’ll feel like a teenager.

Trefoils: Highlander Romance

Scotland is known for a few things:

1) Braveheart

2) Kilts and what’s underneath them

3) Shortbread Okay so that might not be all that true, except for the kilt thing and the shortbread. These cookies are soft with a snap and oh so buttery, just like a delicious Scottish brogue. Eat them plain, dunk them in tea or coffee and they’ll fall apart, just like you will when you read any romance with a Highlander in it. There’s just something simple about the Scottish heroes that want us to run away to the mores of Scotland and find ourselves in the arms of our very own Jamie Fraser!

Girl Scout S’mores: Cowboy Romance

S’mores, the peanut butter and jelly of the great outdoors! While they may not have been invented by a cowboy, let’s just pretend that they were! While it may not be camping season yet, it’s always cowboy season. Cowboys are hard workers, have a soft side, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure to see one in real life then you’ll know that they have one of the best backsides to fill out old Wranglers. So make yourself a pillow fort, grab a box of S’mores and get swept away by a cowboy love story!

What’s yummier, romance or cookies? That’s for you to decide.


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