Portraits of Powerful Women: Delila “Lila” Bard

Portraits of Powerful Women: Delila “Lila” Bard

By Harrison Sheely

“She bent most of the rules. She broke the rest.”V.E. Schwab
Delila 'Lila' Bard - Shades of Magic Series by V.E. Schwab

Four Londons:

Grey London, where there has never been magic.

Red London, where magic is intwined into everyday life.

White London, where magic is fought for and treated as power.

Black London, where magic was lost forever.

Kell Maresh, a magic user from Red London, is an Antari and one of the last of his kind. Being an Antari grants Kell the ability to move from one London to the next, carrying news and messages. He’s never been able to resist one major rule of traveling between the worlds, though- the rule to keep things in the London they belong to.

Delilah Bard is a wanted thief in Grey London, stealing to keep herself alive on the streets. However, when Lila meets Kell, he brings her from one London to the next, introducing her to an entirely new world.

There’s something irresistible about Lila for me. Despite being pulled into an unknown, abstract London and being faced with danger at every turn, she knows how to adapt, to thrive. Delilah is as sharp as her daggers. It’s what kept her alive on the streets of Grey London, and even more so when she becomes involved with Kell. Lila is not ladylike. She is not reserved. She is wholly, entirely herself- unapologetically so. Instead of this being an anchor, dragging her down or keeping her in place, it is her center. Her strength lies not only in her physical abilities, but her wit and quick thinking. Nothing can hold Lila back, and she goes for what she wants. To have such freedom and confidence is something I dream to have.

I rave about Lila so much because I find her fascinating. She’s a fighter, but she deeply cares about the people close to her. She won’t let anyone hold her back from the things she wants. When she has a goal, she sticks to it. There’s so much to admire about Delilah Bard, even with her flaws. She’s a wonderful reminder to not take yourself too seriously, to find your strengths, and to pursue the things you want.

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About the Author

Harrison Sheely is a southern witch with a love of reading and art. Much of her inspiration is drawn from the vast fantasy worlds of books. When she’s not charging her crystals in the moonlight, she can be found in a quiet room with a warm cup of coffee and her cat while dreaming up a fantasy of her own. 

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