The Perfect ‘Pride & Prejudice’ Playlist


Jane Austen’s novel Pride & Prejudice is a staple classic and one of my absolute favorites. A story involving bad first impressions, high society, suitors and marriage, and prideful and conniving men. That good ole 18th century jazz. It also has, in my humble opinion, the best book to T.V. and film adaptations, (Colin Firth or Matthew MacFadyen as Mr. Darcy? Pick your player), both of which I own on DVD and watch every other day because my obsession with this story knows absolutely no bounds. I even have a comic version of the book, so as you can tell…I’m in pretty deep. Because of my undying love for this story I’ve decided to compile a playlist, pairing modern songs with some of the best – and the worst – P&P characters.

Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet is an independent, brilliant, level-headed, and fun-loving young woman. Full of sass and a wit that can outsmart any man. Despite all this…her one flaw is sometimes rushing to brash judgement when it comes to others. In the end, however, she soon comes to realize this and has her happy ending with Mr. Darcy.

“Boyish” – Japanese Breakfast

Lack of inhibition works wonders in revealing every demon
And all this confrontation, this suffering
What do you want from me?
If you don’t like how I look then leave

“Dance to This” – Troye Sivan ft. Ariana Grande

We can just dance to this
Don’t take much to start me
We can just dance to this
Push up on my body, yeah

Mr. Darcy

Our beloved brooding Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy lacks the talent which some possess of easily conversing with others and has quite a way with words when it comes to professing his undying love that has tormented him so. However, he’s just really shy and an awkward dork that we all know and love. He truly loves Elizabeth and is a actually a really stand-up guy. When his pride isn’t in the way that is.

“I Hear A Symphony” – Cody Fry

I used to hear a simple song
That was until you came along
Now in its place is something new
I hear it when I look at you

“May I Have This Dance” – Francis and The Lights

May I have this dance?
To make it up to you
Can I say something crazy?
I love you

Jane Bennet

The eldest of five and considered the “beauty” among them, Jane is incredibly humble and sweet. Her caring nature and goodwill leads her to always think the best of everyone, even when some don’t deserve it. She has the tendency to hide how she really feels deep down and tries to keep an optimistic outlook on life, even if it’s at the expense of her own heart.   

“Feels” – Snoh Aalegra

But I just feel
My arguin’ right to my
I never knew, no, no
All of these feels

“Not Over You” – Gavin DeGraw

If you ask me how I’m doin’
I would say I’m doin’ just fine
I would lie and say that you’re not on my mind

Mr. Bingley

Let’s be real, Mr. Bingley is adorkable and has the biggest heart, unlike that of his sisters. He’s a pretty open-minded guy but at times is a tad gullible. Like when he listened to his sisters and Mr. Darcy about Jane and stayed away. But he ended making up for it by asking for her hand in marriage. Better late than never I guess.

“Lover Boy” – Phum Viphurit  

I’ll be your new school soul
Silver and gold
New desire
Friends on fire
Call me ‘lover boy’

“Falling in Love” – Cody Fry

You and I, we go together
Like birds and the sky
From the moment that you caught my eye
Knew that I was falling in love

Lydia Bennet

The youngest out of all her sisters at only fifteen, Lydia is ambitious, quite the flirt, and the most adventurous. All of these amiable qualities are what ultimately lands her in deep trouble of “ruining” her and her sisters’ reputations…not that she probably cares anyway as she’s too busy staring at her “dear Wickham.”

“Undercover” – Kehlani

You know they don’t wanna see us together
But it don’t matter, no, ’cause I got you
Anytime you’re under the weather
Babe, we can always go

“Boys” – Charlie XCX

But I was busy thinking ’bout boys
Boys, boys
I was busy dreaming ’bout boys
Boys, boys
Head is spinning thinking ’bout boys

Mr. Wickham

Oh dear Mr. Wickham, a 18th century textbook example of a player. A man of many tales and of very little fortune. A ladies’ man and a perpetual liar. A true con-man. The worst of the worst, but the best of the best, at least in Lydia’s eyes.

“Roses” – Mabel

But I know you better than you
You’re coming home with an excuse
Giving me gifts, hiding the truth
But I see through it all

“No Scrubs” – TLC

A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly
He’s also known as a busta
Always talkin’ about what he wants
And just sits on his broke ass

Mr. Collins

Mr. Collins, the odd relative who’s entitled to your father’s home after he dies and not you and your sisters because well – sexism, has come to visit. And he’s brought his talkative nature and ridiculous “compliments” along with his intentions to marry your older sister. But if that doesn’t pan out, you’re the next best thing. And if that also doesn’t go as planned? No worries, he’ll be hitched to your best friend soon enough.

“Archie, Marry Me” – Alvvays

Hey, hey, marry me, Archie
Hey, hey, marry me, Archie

“Try Again” – Aaliyah

If at first you don’t succeed (first you don’t succeed),
Dust yourself off, and try again
You can dust it off and try again, try again


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