Rapid Fire: A Chat with Author Elle Marr


From time to time we like to ask authors some pretty quick, pretty personal rapid-fire questions. Today, author Elle Mar is in the hot seat. Her new book, Lies We Bury, is out now!

Wake up and go, or gotta get your motor running? 

Wake up and go (to the kitchen for coffee).

TV, Books, Movies or Podcasts? 

Books! But also TV for research.

Quiet night in or big night out on the town? 

Quiet night in.

Favorite writing drink? 

Coffee for the AM and wine for the PM.

Must-have snack for writer’s block? 

Ritz crackers and Reese’s. The real R&R!

Lounge by the pool or hike a mountain? 

Lounge by the pool with my R&R.

Hike, run, walk, nap? Walk. 

I walk everywhere and have for years. There’s no better way to work through a plot hole.

 ‘Personal revenge’ or ‘karma will get them’? 

Karma always gets its way.

Favorite way to sweat? 

Chasing after my 1-year old.

Online shopper or gotta try things on? 

Online shopper while doing about 18 other things. I can’t not multi-task.

No. 1 Bucket List wish? 

See the Aurora Borealis.

All-time favorite comedy movie? 


All-time favorite drama movie? 

Scream; I can probably quote the whole movie. That, or A Quiet Place.

Favorite type of chocolate treat? 

King size Reese’s.

Favorite crunchy snack? 

Wasabi flavored almonds.

Do you have a nickname? 


Least favorite holiday and why? 

St. Patrick’s Day; Why? The day after St. Patrick’s Day.

Best alcoholic beverage? 

Cotes du Rhone red wine.

Favorite meal ever? 

Dim sum.

Something no one knows about you that you feel you want to divulge? 

I have a favorite word in French (and several favorite 4-letter words in English).

Any tattoos? 


Aside from phone, laptop, writing device (or charger!) what is something you can’t function without on a day-to-day basis? 


Best way to relax? 

Getting lost in a book.

Title of your next book or work-in-progress? 

Strangers We Know (coming Spring 2022!)

About the Author:

Originally from Sacramento, Elle Marr graduated from UC San Diego before moving to France, where she earned a master’s degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris. She now lives and writes in Oregon, with her husband, son, and one very demanding feline.

Her debut thriller THE MISSING SISTER was the #24 Best Selling eBook of 2020 on Amazon, a #1 Amazon Best Seller, #1 in the Kindle Store, featured in Woman’s World, and named one of PopSugar’s 31 Thrillers of 2020. Words she’s written can also be found on CrimeReads and Criminal Element. For more information and updates on her next thriller, connect with her online at www.ellemarr.com.

Lies We Bury by Elle Marr, out now!

A novel about secrets and revenge by the number one Amazon Charts bestselling author of The Missing Sister. It’s only by confronting who she was then that she can understand who she is now.

I was born in captivity…

Two decades ago Marissa Mo escaped a basement prison—the only home she’d ever known. At twenty-seven, Marissa’s moved beyond the trauma and is working under a new name as a freelance photographer. But when she accepts a job covering a string of macabre murders in Portland, it’s impossible for Marissa not to remember.

Everything is eerily familiar. The same underground lairs. Sad trinkets and toys left behind, identical to those Marissa had as a child. And then there is the note meant just for her that freezes Marissa’s blood: See you soon, Missy.

To determine the killer’s next move, Marissa must retrieve her long-forgotten memories and return to a past she’s hidden away. But she won’t be facing her fears alone. Someone is waiting for her in the dark.

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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