Rapid Fire: A Chat with Author James Sie


From time to time we like to ask authors some pretty quick, pretty personal rapid-fire questions. Today, author James Sie is in the hot seat. His new book, All Kinds of Other, is out now!]

AM or PM?

I am a PM person forced to become an AM person because of a son, but the son is now at college, so I may be reverting.

Wake up and go, or gotta get your motor running?

After meditation, it’s definitely get up and go. There may be a little lollygagging before the meditation, though—a bad habit. 

TV, Books, Movies or Podcasts?

Yes, please.

Quiet night in or big night out on the town?

Definitely quiet night. Parties and crowds unnerve me.

Favorite writing drink?

Must have a Vietnamese coffee before writing. It’s a whole ritual: while I wait for the coffee to drip into the sweetened condensed milk, I do the NYT crossword, and when all of it is done I sit down to work. IN THEORY.

Must-have snack for writer’s block?

Popcorn! Not too caloric, you get to stuff fistfuls of it in your mouth, and as long as it’s unbuttered it won’t get your keyboard greasy.

Lounge by the pool or hike a mountain?

Hike. IN THEORY. I do like long walks, though, so if a mountain is nearby, I will make use of it. 

Hike, run, walk, nap?

Walk. Then nap. 

 ‘Personal revenge’ or ‘karma will get them’?

I’m a great believer in karma. 

Favorite way to sweat?

Yoga and long walks.

Online shopper or gotta try things on?

I’ve gotten better during the pandemic with ordering online, but I have no imagination when it comes to clothing so it’s better if I can see it in a store.

No. 1 Bucket List wish?

A luxury train ride up the coast, maybe into Canada. Or the Orient Express!

All-time favorite comedy movie?

Bringing Up Baby.

All-time favorite drama movie?

If I want to be elevated, I’d say Sophie’s Choice, But if I’m being totally honest, it’s Alien movies all day, baby!

Dark, milk or white chocolate?

Dark dark dark. Cannot abide white chocolate.

Favorite crunchy snack?

Have I mentioned popcorn?

Do you have a nickname?

My parents still call me Jimmy. 

Least favorite holiday and why?

I just could never get a good party out of Arbor Day.

Best alcoholic beverage?

This pandemic, I’ve rediscovered screwdrivers, with a splash of cranberry. But usually it’s hard cider. I’m kind of a lightweight. 

Favorite meal ever?

Oh, too many to count. But I really love our Lunar New Year spread—potstickers, red-cooked pork shoulder, longevity noodles, ribs, caramel sauce chicken wings, and something tangy for dessert. 

Something no one knows about you that you feel you want to divulge?

I once thought I had the power to control bees.

Any tattoos?

No, but I want to get one over my clavicle scar, making it a branch where two crows can perch.

Best way to relax?

Massage, please!

Title of your next book or work-in-progress?

12 Homes. It’s about the son of a grifting family that gets a conscience. 

About the Author:

James Sie was born and raised in New Jersey, the son of immigrant parents. He attended Northwestern University and lived in Chicago for many years, working as an actor and an award-winning playwright of literary adaptations. In addition to writing, Sie can currently be heard as a voiceover artist in animation. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband and son. Visit his website at www.sieworld.com.

All Kinds of Other by James Sie, out now!

In this tender, nuanced coming-of-age love story, two boys—one who is cis, and one who is trans—have been guarding their hearts, until their feelings for each other give them a reason to stand up to their fears.

Two boys are starting over at a new high school.

Jules is still figuring out what it means to be gay…and just how out he wants to be.

Jack is reeling from a fall-out with his best friend…and isn’t ready to let anyone else in just yet.

When Jules and Jack meet, the sparks are undeniable. But when a video linking Jack to a pair of popular trans vloggers is leaked to the school, the revelations thrust both boys into the spotlight they’d tried to avoid.

Suddenly Jack and Jules must face a choice: to play it safe and stay under the radar, or claim their own space in the world—together.

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. 

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