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It’s been a little too long since we’ve had an article featuring comedy genius John Mulaney on our site. We’ve remedied that by telling you about the best romance novels out there that remind us of the best John Mulaney gifs.

The Kiss Quotient as Get Out of Here With Your Facts

Facts, statistics, and math is very important to Helen Hoang’s heroine Stella Lane in this modern classic about a woman on the autism spectrum who falls in love with the man that she hired to teach her about how to be good at sex. Love makes no sense to Stella. Facts are also an integral part of John Mulaney’s joke about people who are a little *too* technical about their facts.

Red, White, and Royal Blue as The Prostate Exam

This is NOT the joke for this book the way that you think this joke is about this book. John Mulaney’s epic closer to his special New In Town discusses recklessness with prescription drugs, lying to a doctor, and admitting he’s wrong. These same ideas are explored in Casey McQuiston’s Red, White, and Royal Blue.

Butterface as The Bride Joke

Of COURSE heroine of Avery Flynn’s first book in The Hartigans series, Gina Luca, is not ugly. But she thinks she is, and her external self-worth is reflected perfectly in John Mulaney’s joke about a 14-year-old Cheeto-fingered rat moustached punk is the perfect way to describe it.

The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics as Mr. Henry J. Finch IV

While the leading ladies of Olivia Waite’s novel are not quite old, Catherine St. Day is a widow who falls in love with a woman ten years her junior, which means in the grand scheme of life, she is “Too old to be a duckling!”

The Friend Zone as MY WIFE

Josh Copeland is not the kind of guy to sheepishly ask if is girlfriend may accompany him on an airplane because he has TSA Pre-check and she does not (it doesn’t matter why). He would barge straight into titles like “DON’T TALK TO MY WIFE! GET AWAY FROM MY WIFE!” Marriage is going to be magical.

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