Romance Novels We Need to See On Screen


We LOVE a good romance adaptation. So, why aren’t there more of them? Here are eleven books and series that we need to see on screen like, NOW.

1. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I think I needed this movie before I even finished the first page of the book. I would literally die for Alex and Henry. I truly believe this is the enemies to lovers romance of the century and I want nothing more than to watch it play out on the big screen. I have my powerpoint presentation about how there is no person on this planet who should play Alex Claremont-Diaz other than Noah Centineo locked and loaded, so just let me know where I need to send it and when to show up for the screen test, please and thanks! 

2. The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

I’m hoping the release of Bridgerton on Netflix will shine a light on the Historical Romance genre and the fact that having more screen adaptations of these books are absolutely necessary. Can you imagine actually being able to SEE the Duke of Ashbury with our EYES in all his extra and very sassy glory?? I die. And omg we need a bad biddie to play our queen and feminist AF, Emma. 

3. The Brown Sisters Series by Talia Hibbert

Okay, how amazing would a Brown Sisters series be?? Can you even imagine? Set in London, diverse cast, amazing costumes, hilarious and over-the-top dialogue, badass women, and the most swoon-worthy men ever?! Sign. Me. Up. 

4. The Simple Wild series by K.A. Tucker

Readers went absolutely bananas for this series and I can’t stop thinking how gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing this would be to watch on the big screen. Set in Alaska with a super broody hero and a city girl who doesn’t really fit in. All the angsty, slow-burn goodness! 

5. The Ravenels series by Lisa Kleypas

This is honestly a no-brainer and I truly think it could rival Bridgerton…maybe even be better? I said what I said. But truly, the thought of a real life tall, dark, and handsome Rhys Winterborne gives me chills. Make it happen!

6. The Bergman Brothers series by Chloe Liese

Chloe writes some of the best inclusive romance in the biz and takes so much care and consideration with her writing that the thought of someone botching her precious characters makes me a little nervous. So give her the reins and give us the sports romance, cinnamon roll hero, and badass heroine tv series of our dreams! I’m already picturing Ren’s mini van and Frankie’s cane and I’ve got major heart eyes over here. 

7. The Widow of Rose House by Dianna Biller

Okay I could see this one as a movie or a series and I really think it would be popular no matter what. A historical romance with ghosts?? Is this what dreams are made of?! So like, spooky, but make it sexy, ya know?  PLUS, we stan a grumpy heroine/sunshine hero trope all day every day! 

8. Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

WE NEED MORE F/F ROMANCE IN BOOKS AND ON THE SCREEN. I’ll say it again for the people in the back. WE NEED MORE F/F ROMANCE IN BOOKS AND ON THE SCREEN. And this f/f romance, my friends, is a beautiful one that more people need to know about!

9. The Destiny series by Beverly Jenkins

If we really want an inclusive and more diverse historical romance on the screen, then this series by Ms. Bev, aka the queen, is IT! Excuse me. I think I need a minute while I calm down after thinking about how badass it would be to see a real life Billie, because WOW. 

10. A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas

I *think* this is already happening, maybe? Hopefully? But y’all. Y’ALL. Can you imagine the fanbase showing up at the movie theaters for this? Add the possibility of seeing Rhysand’s wings on the big screen to the endless list of reasons why we all need to keep masking up and get out of this pandemic so we can start going back to movie theaters! 

11. The Reluctant Royals series by Alyssa Cole

It’s no surprise that Alyssa Coles writes such an amazing royal romance. Afterall, she IS a queen! This series could not be more perfect for the screen. The wit, the romance, the diverse cast, plus the fun and unique plots. I smell a huge hit! 

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