Sam’s Song Recs: A Playlist Dedicated to All Our Summer Flings


Happy Fall! Who’s ready for leaves to change, bonfires and pumpkin carving!? I know I am. But before we can truly get into the fall spirit, we must mourn the ending of our summer flings. They have their place, but it’s still hard to move on sometimes! Here’s some music that’ll help.

Bring Back the Summer by OLY

You guys, this song has some of the most beautiful vocals I’ve ever heard. It also has some great synth and lyrics that you can dance or cry to. IDK, whichever. I’ll be…doing a bit of both, probably.

RIP Summer by Drive!Drive!

As I’ve mentioned, I love Drive!Drive! I had the pleasure of meeting them last year, and they’re great people who make even better music! This upbeat eulogy to summer will have you dancing and remembering things like midnight road trips and shared ice cream sundaes.

Rock Me by One Direction

Okay, I had to I literally had to. In Summer ’09, I was…twelve years old? I was definitely not having scandalous summer flings, but that certainly didn’t stop me from singing along. Take Me Home was peak 1D content, you guys.

Summer is a Curse by The Faim

The Faim make some of my favorite music in this world. This song is very dark and dramatic, just like those scandalous summer nights. 

Summer Air by Glades

Living for the summer air! This dance-worthy song by Glades has beautiful vocals and makes us think happy summer thoughts.

Judy You Hung the Moon by HARBOUR

I discovered this song a few years ago! The gorgeous cover art perfectly captures the feel of the song: carefree summer days at the beach and in the pool with copious amounts of rum & coke.

Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

This song has all of the second chance romance feels. Though I’ve never really been one to sleep all day, I could definitely listen to this song all night. 

Waiting on the Summer by VHS Collection

I’ll be honest: I barely remember what it was like to be in high school. But I do remember dreaming of summer vacation constantly, even when it was like, September. This song is about dreaming of the carefree summer days that we all crave at some point or another.

One More Weekend by Against the Current

I am OBSESSED with Against the Current. Their sound is incredibly unique and addicting. This song is about being in denial that a relationship is over, whether it be because summer has come to an end or you’re going your separate ways to different schools. 

Who Says We’re Through by The Band Camino

We’ll end things on a happy note with some quality The Band Camino. Things don’t have to be over until they have to be, and this song is an ode to giving things another try. 

I hope you’ve had a great first week of fall! This playlist is perfect for jumping into the next season. You can listen to it here.


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