Sam’s Song Recs: A Playlist for Your Next Romantic Road Trip


Though summer may be coming to a close, there’s still time for once last road trip! And what does every great road trip need? Music! Luckily, I’m here with the perfect playlist for your next romantic road trip.

Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

“Check Yes Juliet” is a very special song for me. Some of my favorite memories from middle school involve listening to this song over and over in my best friend’s bedroom. I was also able to see it performed live during my sophomore year of college, so yeah. This song means a lot to me. Lace up your shoes and head over to Spotify to be transported back to 2007!

We Are The Ones by Don’t Believe in Ghosts

I discovered Don’t Believe in Ghosts last week when they followed me on Instagram. After listening to their album Give It Meaning, I knew I was hooked. One of my favorite things to do is drive on the highway at night in the summer with the windows down, and this song just feels like doing that. It’s perfect for your next after-midnight drive, or for anytime, really. P.S.-they’re releasing an acoustic version of their song Take You To The Wild tomorrow! I got a sneak peek at it, and it’s really, really good.

Lost in the Wild by Walk The Moon

This one kind of speaks for itself! This song is perfect for watching “morning break like splatter paint” after a long night of road-tripping with friends or lovers.

Passenger Side by Smallpools

Smallpools has been my favorite band since approximately December 2014, when I came across their song “Dreaming” on Spotify. I then proceeded to spend the entire school day with headphones plugged in, listening to their four released songs (“Dreaming,” “Mason Jar,” “No Story Time,” and “Over & Over“) all day at school. My phone died during fourth hour and I cried because I wasn’t able to listen to Smallpools for the rest of the day. Fast forward a few years, and Smallpools released their second EP, The Science of Letting Go. Though I love all of the songs from that album, “Passenger Side” has a special place in my heart. It’s upbeat, synth-y and fun.

Spacin’ Out by The Mowgli’s

You know that feeling you get when you merge onto the highway and speed up to 80—er, 70 mph? This song feels like that. There are SO many lyrics that I love from this song. For instance, “acting like we’re famous” and “so in love that it’s disgusting.” Crank this one up while the wind whips through your hair on a drive.

Take You to the Moon by Waterparks

Okay, so it’d be kind of hard to take a road trip to the moon. But who cares? Waterparks is one of my favorite pop-punk bands, and the beat in the background will have you dancing along in your car.

Drive by States & Capitals

I adore States & Capitals, and especially this song! They just dropped their new LP on August 2nd, and I’ve had it on repeat. Drive itself is a chill song that reminds me of driving through the mountains as I went back and forth from Kentucky to Michigan in college.

Too Late by Half The Animal

I’ve seen Half the Animal live twice, a week apart, when I caught both the Detroit and LA Smallpools shows. Their sound is SO unique and addicting. Too Late will have you “headed straight for the sun” and back to Spotify for more of their music!

Sunroof by courtship.

Perfect for a summer trip! This song is an ode to putting the sunroof down and cruising down the road. You can practically feel the cool air on your face while listening to this song!

One Way Ticket by Midnight to Monaco

This song has a different style than what I normally listen to, and I adore the unique style and vocals. Get a one way ticket to Spotify to listen to this song!

As you embark on your last road trip of the summer, remember to pack the most important thing of all: music! The full playlist is available here.


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