Seven (More) Episodes of Teen Wolf to Re-Watch this Halloween

Teen Wolf Episodes to Watch on Halloween

There’s never a bad time to re-watch MTV’s Teen Wolf, but Spooky Season is one of the best! If you’re staying in this year, here are seven (more!) classic Teen Wolf episodes to throw on while you guzzle those Kit Kats and Reese’s!

1. 1×02 “Second Chance at First Line” 

This is one of those early episodes of Teen Wolf that are just plain fun. Scott is getting used to being a werewolf, dealing with his first love and giving it his all on the lacrosse field. Ease into the supernatural with this light-hearted episode. 

2. 2×03 “Ice Pick”

What’s more fall than an ice rink? The ice rink date is the pivotal story in this episode, and it’s both spooky and adorable. This episode also introduced us to Boyd, one of the best supporting characters in the series!

3. 2×07 “Restraint”

The Kanima is really coming into its own in this episode…and Scott and Stiles are on the case. This episode is full of funny moments but also downright terrifying Kanima attacks. 

4. 2×11 “Battlefield” 

This is the episode where the lacrosse field turns into an all-out battlefield. Gerard is one of the most vicious villains in the series, and this episode is no exception. Daniel Sharman’s screen time certainly doesn’t hurt this episode, either.

Lydia from Teen Wolf screaming
5. 3×09 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” 

The episode where shit goes DOWN in Season 3A. Hailey Webb shines in her role, and the sound design deserves an emmy. 

The Mute from Teen Wolf
6. 4×03 “Muted” 

Though season 4 is far from the best season, there are still some creepy moments that deserve a mention. The introduction of “The Mute,” an assassin with no mouth, is one of those bone-chilling moments, and it lands in 4×03.

Stiles from Teen Wolf don't forget me
7. 6×01 “Memory Lost” 

When Teen Wolf erased Stiles from existence, I just about died. Give yourself a fright by re-living the season 6 premiere!

What’s your favorite spooky show to rewatch? What episodes would you add to your binge list? Let us know below!


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