Seven Teen Wolf Episodes to Re-watch this Halloween

Seven Teen Wolf Episodes to Rewatch this Halloween

It’s spooktober, everyone! Which means that it’s time to revisit some of our favorite supernatural favorites. If you haven’t watched it, you may think Teen Wolf is more high school drama than spooks. But, in the later seasons, our favorite werewolf show becomes downright terrifying. From seasons one of toz, here are seven of the best Teen Wolf episodes to rewatch this Halloween.

1. Episode 1×04 “Magic Bullet”

Where to begin with this one!? From the hilarity of Scott’s dinner with Allison’s family to Derek’s vomit-inducing bullet wound, this episode is truly a roller coaster. Stiles’s reaction to Derek handing him a bone saw and asking him to cut off his arm? Priceless.

2. Episode 2×09 “Party Guessed”

Not only is season two defined by Scott McCall’s definitive glo-up, it’s defined by worm-infested sheets, lizard people and hallucinations. “Party Guessed” is the culmination of eight dark, intense episodes.

3. Episode 3×06 “Motel California”

The first Teen Wolf episode to have a “Viewer Discretion Advised” warning, “Motel California” is packed with fright. Hallucinations, spirits and more haunt the halls of this damned motel.

4. Episode 3×23 “Insatiable”

It’s almost universally agreed that season 3B is the best season of Teen Wolf. Between Kira’s badass katana wielding and Dylan O’Brien;s unforgettable performance as the Nogitsune, this season is all talent and darkness. The thing that makes Insatiable stand out is the trapped, haunted-asylum feel that this episode has.

5. Episode 4×08 “Time of Death”

First: Melissa Ponzio deserves an Emmy for her performance in this episode, plain and simple. Is there anything more anxiety-inducing than being put in a death-like state that must be reversed within a very small amount of time!? Is there anything creepier than waking up in a morgue? Nope. Which makes “Time of Death”our season four pick for this list.

6. Episode 5×18 “Maid of Gevaudan”

Was there anything more iconic than Crystal Reed’s return to TeenWolf? Nope. Nothing. For all you historical romance fans out there, “Maid of Gevaudan” is your must-see. A renaissance werewolf mystery with a badass female heroine!? Yes. Yes. Yes. 

7. Episode 6×06 “Ghosted”

This gif? Iconic. Their outfits? Iconic. And who could forget the marketing campaign in which Teen Wolf completely deleted all of their social media, linking us only to an Instagram page called “Memories of Beacon Hills” !? What makes season 6 special is the terrifying concept of being erased from history and from memory. “Ghost Town” is our pick for many reasons, from the de-saturated color correction to the creepy encounters that the pack has in Canaan. 


There you have it: Seven of the best Teen Wolf episodes ever made, and the ones you should reqwatch this Halloween. What’s your favporite episode of this beloved series?


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