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Happy Wednesday, a week and a day before the Thanksgiving Holiday!

And yes, the holidays are upon us! We know that many of us will be housebound, or if not curtailing our social activities in light of the pandemic. Some of us may even be on our own this holiday season, practicing social distancing by staying indoors. Now, we know this may be difficult, especially during a time of year when many of us crave family, friends, companionship, and just hanging out. But I see the bright side of this scenario, and guess what? My motto is to read a book!

To provide some aid in this adventure, I am going to help you add to your TBR list. Then, my advice is to settle in and get to it—reading, that is.

And, whether or not you’re spending the holidays with family on ZOOM or leaving them to their shenanigans in the other room, you’ve got some reading to do.

The new additions to my TBR list are two fabulous books I know you’ll enjoy. One romance, one romantic women’s fiction (it doesn’t forget the importance of a good love story). So, Frolic friends, here are my two Holiday Treat recommendations for November:

Judge’s Girls by Sharina Harris 

Release date: October 27 (available now!)

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction

(Description provided by publisher.)

Three very different women. Only one thing in common. But when their family patriarch dies and they must share his estate, the truths they discover will test them—and everything they think they know about each other.
Beloved Georgia judge Joseph Donaldson was known for his unshakable fairness, his hard-won fortune—and a scandalous second marriage to his much-younger white secretary. Now he’s left a will with a stunning provision. In order to collect their inheritance, his lawyer daughter Maya, her stepmother Jeanie, and Jeanie’s teen daughter, Ryder, must live together at the family lake house. Maya and Jeanie don’t exactly get along, but they reluctantly agree to try an uneasy peace for as long as it takes . . .
But fragile ex-beauty queen Jeanie doesn’t know who she is beyond being a judge’s wife—and drinking away her insecurities has her in a dangerous downward spiral. Fed up with her mother’s humiliating behavior, Ryder tries to become popular at school in all the wrong ways. And when Maya attempts to help, she puts her successful career and her shaky love life at risk. Now with trouble they didn’t see coming—and secrets they can no longer hide—these women must somehow find the courage to admit their mistakes, see each other for who they really are—and slowly, perhaps even joyfully, discover everything they could be.

Sharina Harris - author photo (1)

What you should know about Sharina:

Sharina Harris writes romance and women’s fictions for dreamers. @SharinaWrites

Denny: What’s your favorite trope to read? What’s your favorite trope to write—and does either one get some love in your new release:)?

Sharina: My favorite trope is enemies-to lovers with a dollop of unrequited love! I love the angst. I love it when someone is just sitting there waiting for THAT PERSON to finally notice them, but they pretend to not like the hero or heroine.

Denny: What are the key themes for Judge’s Girls? 

Sharina: The themes are hope, family, love, empathy. Through my three very different main characters, Maya, Ryder and Jeanie, I hope the reader can learn to appreciate other’s differences, embrace transparency and learn to forgive so that you can love yourself and others be it, lover, family, and friends.

Denny: What are you binge watching now and what beverage do you recommend readers enjoy while devouring your new release!

Sharina: I just finished It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. This year, I’ve been watching mostly K-Dramas and I love them with all my heart! They have the best tropes and angsty romance.

As far as my new release, Judge’s Girls, I recommend a Merlot with chocolate because like my book it has a balance of a little bitter and a little sweet. Plus, when paired it creates a smooth, silky feeling in your mouth. (wink, wink).  

Denny: Thank you Sharina. If you want to know more about this author, you can visit her website:!

Denny: Who’s next? Well, her name is Denise Williams and she’s a 2020 debut author (release date December 1, 2020)! And, by the way, if you would like to learn more about other 2020 debut authors, please visit Now, if you’re into learning about more new authors for your TBR list, here’s the 2021 debut author website for your perusal:

How To Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams

Release Date: December 1, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Romance

(Description provided by publisher)

When her flailing department lands on the university’s chopping block, Professor Naya Turner’s friends convince her to shed her frumpy cardigan for an evening on the town. For one night her focus will stray from her demanding job and she’ll tackle a new kind of to-do list. When she meets a charming stranger in town on business, he presents the perfect opportunity to check off the items on her list. Let the guy buy her a drink. Check. Try something new. Check. A no-strings-attached hookup.  Check…almost.

Jake makes her laugh and challenges Naya to rebuild her confidence, which was left toppled by her abusive ex-boyfriend. Soon she’s flirting with the chance at a more serious romantic relationship—except nothing can be that easy. The complicated strings around her dating Jake might destroy her career.

Naya has two options. She can protect her professional reputation and return to her old life or she can flirt with the unknown and stay with the person who makes her feel like she’s finally living again.

Denise Williams - Full Size (Color)

What you should know about Denise:

Denise Williams is a university administrator by day and debut romance author who lives in Iowa. Twitter: @nicwillwrites

Denny: What’s your favorite trope to read? What’s your favorite trope to write—and does either one get some love in your new release:)?

Denise: My favorite trope to read is enemies to lovers. I especially enjoy it when the characters have strong reasons to be enemies at the beginning versus a misunderstanding. I have just started writing my first enemies to lovers novel which you’ll hopefully read soon, but there’s no enemies to lovers love in How To Fail At Flirting. Those two MCs are very friendly from day one!

Denny: What was your favorite part of the book to write?

Denise: I like writing love scenes! I wrote a few too many, so I have a stash of deleted love scenes on my hard drive. I also really enjoyed writing the parts of the book that are playful and silly. I think it’s important to show that people who are healing or who have gone through tough situations can still have both sexy and silly moments. 

Denny: What are you binge watching now and what beverage do you recommend readers enjoy while devouring your new release! 

Denise: I’m currently in quarantine with my four-year-old, so I’m binging Paw Patrol and PJ Masks, but once he goes to bed, I’m all in for the Great British Bake-Off. My drink recommendation while reading is a Gin and Tonic, but I have several book-inspired cocktails available for my newsletter subscribers including a gin, strawberry, and black pepper cocktail that left me making yummy noises.

Denny: Well, that’s all I’ve got for this month – to those who celebrate, enjoy Thanksgiving, but remember to stay safe and stay healthy.

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