These Six Authors Have Etsy Shop Side Hustles (& Their Merch Is So Cute!)


Writing a gripping story takes an immense amount of creativity, so it’s not surprising that many authors channel that creativity into other pursuits! Whether it’s jewelry making, knitting, or cross-stitch, there are all kinds of author-run shops on e-commerce sites like Etsy. Here are some of Frolic’s side-hustle selections — but be sure to click through the stores to find what strikes your fancy!

Nicola Cameron

Nicola Cameron, who writes sci-fi and fantasy romance, offers a stunning array of handmade jewelry at her Etsy shop, including this pair of copper and brass steampunk-inspired earrings.

Hillary Monahan

YA author Hillary Monahan, also known as erotic romance author Thea de Salle, co-runs a Etsy jewelry shop that features all kinds of geeky bling. These microscope earrings are a stand-out, and the perfect present for a STEM-minded friend!

Jody Wallace

If your tastes run to the eccentric, paranormal romance author Jody Wallace has you covered. Check out her Etsy shop featuring adult-themed crochet projects, like this delightful F-bomb that you can safely drop anywhere, anytime! (Okay, maybe not at church or temple.)

Leanna Renee Hieber

Gaslamp fantasy writer Leanna Renee Hieber stays on-brand with an Etsy shop full of one-of-a-kind gothic and neo-Victorian trinkets, like Harry Potter-inspired medals and this beautiful Virginia Woolf cameo.

Kit Rocha

The team behind Kit Rocha have built an entire Market Square inspired by their erotic Beyond series. It’s a go-to Etsy shop for homemade nail polish, bangles, necklaces, and hand-stamped cuff bracelets like this one:

Liz Lincoln

Contemporary romance writer Liz Lincoln has an Etsy shop that boasts “nerdtastic, sarcastic cross stitch and embroidery,” where she sells both patterns and finished products. This hoop featuring a nerdy pin-up girl would be perfect for one lucky person’s home office!  


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