Six Reasons We Are in Love with Daveed Diggs


Daveed Diggs is our latest crush. he’s the total package: He can sing, dance, act, and do a killer French accent. We’re so very smitten with him, and here are six reasons why!

1. He Looks Good in Every Color

Find me a single person on this planet who looks better in purple. Oh, you can’t? That’s because Daveed Diggs looks the best in every single color.

2. He Has Serious Acting Chops

The man has a TONY award, people! But he really gets to show his dark side and range in the new show Snowpiercer!

3. His Dance Moves are Impeccable

We could watch those cabinet battles all day. Diggs has some of the best choreography in the musical, and he nails every step!

4. His Smile Lights Up the Room

That’s a smile that could launch a thousand (guns and) ships. 

5. His Voiceis Angelic

This one is a given, but we have to acknowledge Daveed’s beautiful voice. 

6. His Side Profile is to Die for

Full offense, but no one would look that good in side profile. We are in love with Daveed’s jawline. 

Have you been swooning over Daveed Diggs recently, too? Let us know in the comments!


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