Which Bookish Tattoo Suits You Best?

What a better way to show off your love of books than getting it permanently inked on your body? So heavy-metal! Can’t decide which tattoo is best for you? Take the quiz to find out! 

  • Question of

    Pick a Coffee Size.

    • Child size
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • Leave the Pot
  • Question of

    When it comes to reading…

    • When I have time, I read
    • I set up a comfy chair, blanket and something to drink!
    • I don’t own a kindle. Paper books, please!
    • I spend more time reading than not.
    • Reading is my ENTIRE LIFE.
  • Question of

    When it comes to “popular” reads…

    • If it’s on Oprah’s or Reese’s Book Club, I’m reading it
    • If sounds like something I’d like, I’ll read it
    • I’ll say I don’t read those books, but I secretly always do
    • I have them on my radar, but they’re not my favorite.
    • They’re on my TBR and I hope to get to them!
  • Question of

    Which books do you read most?

    • Whatever’s on Kindle Unlimited
    • Cozy and warm-hearted ones
    • Classics and their retellings
    • Fiction, always
    • All the books!
  • Question of

    Pick a color palette.

    • Black
    • The colors of a perfect spring day
    • Vintage tones
    • Neutrals with a few pops of color
    • The whole rainbow
  • Question of

    How do you feel about audiobooks and ebooks?

    • They’re lifesavers!
    • I keep my Kindle in my purse!
    • They’re for the weak.
    • They’re fantastic.
    • Any way to read a book is a good way to read a book.
  • Question of

    If you could only read one author for the rest of your life, you’d pick…

    • People know author’s names?
    • Danielle Steel
    • Jane Austen
    • How could I possibly choose?
    • JK Rowling
  • Question of

    Pick a dream vacation

    • Somewhere warm
    • Somewhere exciting
    • Somewhere with history
    • Somewhere fascinating
    • Somewhere with lots of surprises


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