Which OG Hunger Games Character are You?

What better way to celebrate the release of “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” than by finding out which OG Hunger Games character you are?

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    Which hobby would you love to take up?

    • Hiking
    • Baking
    • Fashion
    • Social Media
    • Napping
  • Question of

    Which book format do you prefer?

    • Paper book
    • Ebook
    • Audiobook
    • I prefer my social media feed
    • I’ll wait for the movie
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    If you could only take one thing to the Arena with you, you’ choose…

    • A weapon
    • A family photo
    • An extra pair of socks
    • My iPhone
    • Whiskey
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    Choose a best friend from the Hunger Games universe.

    • Rue
    • Caesar Flickerman
    • Effie
    • President Snow
    • I don’t need friends
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    Which YA novel is your favorite?

    • Divergent
    • Everything, Everything
    • Shatter Me
    • On the Come Up
    • Scythe
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    Which gift would you be happiest to receive?

    • A day off
    • A hug
    • A new jacket
    • A new phone
    • Alcohol
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    Which show have you binged?

    • Survivor
    • Great British Bake Off
    • America’s Next Top Model
    • Keeping Up with the Kardashians
    • Storage Wars


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