Which This is Us character are you most like?

Which “This is Us” Character are You?

This is Us fans, let’s face it — we all have a favorite, and we’re not quiet about it. Aside from Jack and Rebecca, of course… because they’re perfect. Whether you’re Team Beth or you’re all about Kevin, chances are you favor the one that resonates with you the most. Great minds think alike… right? Anyway, answer these 7 questions and we’ll tell you which This is Us character you have the most in common with. 

  • Question of

    Sad movies. Love em’ or hate ‘em?

    • My favorite genre.
    • I like them because they’re cathartic. Everyone needs a good cry every now and then!
    • They’re fine, but I don’t usually cry — only if it really hits home.
    • If everyone else wants to watch a sad movie, I’ll join in. Otherwise, I usually pass.
    • Hate them! No one’s got time for tears.
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    What’s your ideal date night?

    • Something romantic but also simple, like a candlelit dinner and a walk outside.
    • Setting aside a day to volunteer together, followed by a cool picnic.
    • A night at home is all I need. Homecooked meal, Netflix, and cuddles!
    • We start the day in one city and end up in another one at a five-star hotel.
    • A night on the town! We’ll go dancing and maybe end up at a karaoke bar.
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    You’re given a free trip to go anywhere in the world tomorrow. Where do you go?

    • An island resort with a spa. All I want is some chill time!
    • Somewhere up, up and away in the mountains. I want to be away from people so I can clear my mind and just take in the beauty.
    • A cruise — DUH!
    • Asia, South Africa, maybe Australia? Just somewhere I’ve never been before.
    • My vote would be somewhere lively and fun, like Spain!
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    What’s your favorite city?

    • Chicago
    • Wherever my job takes me
    • Not much of a big city person
    • Los Angeles
    • New York, baby!
  • Question of

    Pick an animal

    • Dog
    • Owl
    • Fish
    • Dolphin
    • Cat
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite emoji?

    • 😍
    • 😎
    • 🤣
    • 🤩
    • 💃
  • Question of

    If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

    • Invisibility
    • The ability to control time
    • Strength
    • Telepathy
    • Speed


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