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With the constant talk of COVID-19 and the social distancing, it can be hard to think of things to do to stay engaged day after day. So, I’ve compiled a list for you to keep things interesting! It includes reading challenges and bookish related ideas and tasks.

1. Read the oldest book on your TBR

It is like a weird look back into the past to a younger version of yourself and what you were excited for. It’s creepy.

2. Read the book you’ve been putting off reading

Real talk: if you don’t read it now when you will most likely have the most time on your hands, you will never read it. Trust me, I know. If you aren’t feeling it, set it aside for ideas 10 or 13. While now’s a great time to tackle your GR challenge (aka reading enough, so it stops passive-aggressively telling you that you’re behind on your reading), it’s not, and it should never be the time to make yourself pleasure read a book you don’t want to. It is not worth it to suffer through pages and pages and pages when you have so many other books to read.

3. Write a review that one book you can’t stop thinking of

The review doesn’t need to be for anyone, and it doesn’t need to ever see the light of day, but try to write a review about that one book. Maybe you can’t stop thinking about it because of the awkward interactions the author put their characters through. Maybe there was a line/scene/character that you related to. Maybe it changed your mind about something. Whatever it may be, write about it! Which brings us to our next idea:

4. Freewrite

Get an old journal* and start freewriting. It doesn’t have to be about anything, it doesn’t have to be all deep and about your feelings, but it does have to be imperfect. It may seem foolish and extra to freewrite before actually writing but, it actually helps. The freewrite journal is a place to make mistakes and try, so it is the perfect area for brainstorming and writing out rough (very rough) paragraphs.

*if you only have a new journal lying around and don’t want to mess it up, open it up and put a big X through the second page, and now, you’ve “ruined” it and should be able to work.

6. Reread a favorite book

During this time, I find myself turning to comforting things: baking, tea, and my favorite books. Let this be time for a favorite book. It doesn’t matter what genre it is or what age group it is intended for, just read.

7. Send snail mail

Take the time to send snail mail to a friend or family member. It will brighten their day and is always incredibly meaningful.

8. Organize your bookshelf

There are so many different ways to organize your bookshelf! You can go by color, by author, by series, by TBR and read books. I love looking up the hashtag #selfie or #selfiesunday for inspiration. Also, use this time to set aside any books that you don’t want to read/didn’t like for ideas 10 and 13.

9. Listen to audiobooks while cleaning out your bookshelf

What better way to tackle your GR challenge and get organized than listening to audiobooks? I must say that I am only beginning to get into audiobooks, so I don’t have any recommendations, but I’d love to hear yours.

10. Donate old or unwanted books

While you may not be able to donate them at this time, you are still able to set some books aside to donate to your local library, little free library, or any other place where you donate your books.

11. Bake items from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean is a superb baker, so why not take a page out of her book and try your hand at one of her creations. Cupcakes, cookies, or even her cherry pop-tarts! There are recipes at the back of the books and online. (Search “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Baking” and you’ll find lots.)

12. Read all the books from subscription boxes

When I first started getting my subscription box, I would read that book as soon as I got it. But these days, I always seem to push them to the side. I have a shelf of subscription box books that are primarily unread. Use this time to catch up on all the books now.

13. Do some art

There are lots of bookish art account out on Instagram for inspiration. BritishBookArt on Instagram is one of my favorite accounts! One of my favorites is blackout poetry. This is also a great opportunity to use the books you’ve set aside that are maybe too worn to donate. Check out the #blackoutpoetry tag to see all the different ways to create some of your own.

14. Read a super hyped up/popular book

You know the book that you always feel guilty for not yet reading: Throne of Glass, A Court of Thrones and Roses, Illuminae, Children of Blood and Bone, etc. Now’s the time to read it (and see if it really lives up to the hype)! Now when people ask your thoughts on a popular book, you’ll have the answer and won’t have to lie or respond with “I haven’t read it yet.” You’re welcome.

15. If all else fails, brew yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and watch a movie

It is a stressful time right now, which means self-care is vital. You don’t need to be the most productive person ever. You don’t need to go full-on Marie Kondo. The most important thing is that you stay safe and well.

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  1. These are some great ideas! I love the idea of putting X’s through “new” pages to ruin them… genius! Thank you for the tips – I have so many books and this is a great chance to get reacquainted.

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