Spruce Up Spring Cleaning With These Organizational Tools


It’s that time of year again—we open the windows, let the sunshine in, and then realize…just how much clutter we’ve accumulated over the wintertime. 

That’s right—spring cleaning is upon us!

I don’t know about you, but I have always struggled with tidiness, home systems and cleaning. Maybe it’s that I lack an eye for detail, so the dust bunny situation has to get intense before I intervene. Maybe it’s because I work best when surrounded by creature comforts, so clutter is a part of my process. 

Despite all of these factors, I truly aim to be a better, cleaner, more organized person! And if you’re at all like me, maybe you’re using the upcoming spring cleaning opportunities to improve your space and organization. 

Here are a few items that I found that are pretty, fun, and effective at keeping wintry clutter at bay! 

Sorbus Acrylic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Display Case

I love this organizational tool SO MUCH because it allows for the best of both worlds: 

*I will be able to see the entire wide array of jewelry, cosmetics, brushes, ponytail holders, etc. that I may need at any moment

*Also, those items won’t be haphazardly strewn across my bathroom countertop any more!

This comes in several designs (I, myself prefer the pink) so you can get classic or funky or functional depending on your own tastes!

SoCal Buttercup Shabby Chic Jewelry Organizer

This is a lovely piece of organizational design…especially for those of us who have watched a ton of Fixer Upper and long for the organized farmhouse aesthetic. 

Once upon a time, all of my lovely necklaces and earrings lived in travel bags or jewelry cases. Unfortunately, this meant earrings often got mismatched. Necklaces got tangled. I could never find the right piece, because I didn’t see the options in front of me! 

Now, I use an item like this that my husband built for me, and it has DRASTICALLY changed my space and jewelry usage! 

Fabric Storage Bins 

This is a life and organization hack that most of us probably use already. That said, it’s always a good time to revisit how handy bins like this can be! 

From storing your kid’s toys to stashing odds and ends that are too big for a junk drawer, fabric storage bins are an absolute delight! 

My personal use for these kinds of bins involves shoving old papers and notes from college in them, because I can’t bear to part with all the writing I did forever ago…

I picked these because they’re particularly cute, with a little pattern to spruce up your space. 

SONGMICS Storage Ottoman Bench

Here at Frolic, we are book people. And, anecdotally speaking, I’ve found that book people tend to also be blanket people. We love to spend our days sipping coffee or tea, swaddled in a cable knit throw while diving into our latest literary adventure. 

But what to do with all the blankets when you’re not using them??

That’s where this storage ottoman comes in! It adds a classy “I’ve got my life together,” vibe and will allow you to store all kinds of cozy comfort items when you have company over! 

Homecube Hanging Storage Bag Case

Lots of my organizational items so far are designed to take up floor, shelf or counter space. However, some of us live in tight spaces that can feel MORE cluttered with the addition of these organizational items! 

That’s why this hanging storage case is so handy. You can hang it over a bathroom door to store all your makeup brushes or skincare essentials, sure. But there are so many other creative ways this kind of item could be used in a smaller space. Use it in a pantry to store spices! Or over a closet door to hold jewelry! Or in an office to gather up odds and ends like phone chargers that could leave a desk looking cluttered. 

Here’s hoping that items like these will help you get into the organizational groove as you enter spring cleaning! 

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