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My summer vacation is coming up soon and, just like most avid readers are probably doing, I am mentally preparing a list of books I would like to bring with me. More often than not I choose too many, but I never know what I will be in the mood for and I think we can all agree that too many is better than not enough.

In case you need some inspiration for your TBR, I have prepared a short list of books that will make your month of July more swoony and supernatural.

A Pack of Blood and Lies by Olivia Wildenstein

Allow me to introduce to you to The Boulder Wolves. This romantic trilogy includes wolves, drama, romance, and yummy guys!

Ness is 17 years old and living in LA, but when her mother passes away from cancer she is forced to move back to Colorado. The Boulder Wolves are supposed to be an all-male pack, but Ness is a female and the guys have no problem showing her how they feel about her presence in Boulder. Ness only gets along with August who is her childhood friend and wants absolutely nothing to do with the pack, but with Heath Kolane gone, the pack needs a new Alpha and his son, Liam, is next in line for the position.

Liam is infuriating, intense, annoying, and hella cute, but Ness fears Liam will be just as cruel as his father was and there is only one way to keep him from becoming alpha: by challenging him for the position.  While Ness and Liam compete, truths from the past are uncovered, feelings get confusing, and things become complicated.

A Pack of Blood and Lies is the first book of The Boulder Wolves Trilogy and the last one came out on July 30th!

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

When Katy and her mom move to West Virginia, Katy befriends her neighbor Dee. Dee’s brother, Daemon, does not want Katy and his sister to become close because keeping their identity secret is the only way they can to ensure they remain safe. Dee is tired of living this way and forces Daemon to spend time with Katy. Daemon is frustrating, rude, and very arrogant, but Katy can’t help feeling attracted to him!

The government is well aware that there are aliens living amongst humans (yes, you read right, ALIENS) and they even help them integrate into society. As long as these sexy aliens stick to their own and don’t attract any attention to themselves, the government leaves them in peace. But there are others coming from a different galaxy to steal their powers and they are now a bigger threat than ever.

Obsidian is the first of the Lux series, and the best part is that there are 5 books!

Ok so I haven’t actually read this last book but it is high on my TBR list. I seem to be going through a werewolf phase.

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Anna is a normal human until one day she is turned into a werewolf. But she doesn’t just become any type of werewolf, she becomes an Omega wolf. This means she can calm other wolves and keep their tempers in line. Because Omega wolves are very rare, they are to be protected by the other pack members, but this hasn’t been Anna’s case and when Charles finds out that she is being mistreated he takes it upon himself to protect her.

Charles is a born Alpha and although he clearly sees that Anna doesn’t trust him completely, he has become very protective of her. Now a wolf has gone rogue in the woods and Charles needs Anna’s help to find him, but being on this mission together proves more complicated when they both start to develop feelings for each other.

And that concludes the list of Paranormal Romance books! Which one will you read first?

If you choose to read Cry Wolf there are two things you should know: The first is that Charles is first introduced in the Mercy Thompson series, which is made up of 12 books. So why don’t I just add that one to the list you ask? Because the first book of the Mercy Thompson series, Moon Called, doesn’t seem to have much romance in it, and your girl here is on the romance train right now and has no intention of getting off anytime soon. The second thing is that there is a prequel to Cry Wolf titled On the Prowl. I usually read the prequels after the first or second book of the series but I thought I should mention it in case no one else follows this habit.

Happy reading!

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