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If you love YES, MY BOSS! as much as we do, we have some great news for you. We’re in development on a scripted YES, MY BOSS! podcast, in collaboration with MWM Universe and Tapas! Get ready to experience this adorable slow-burn in a whole new way. For now, check out this dream cast created by Ratique from Tapas!

Well, hello there! After creating the ultimate dream cast of the hit romance series Beware the Villainess, I’m back for another round of creating my ultimate wish fulfillment. This time I have set my eyes on Yes, My Boss!, one of the most adorable modern romance series out there.

I’m Ratique, the creator of the webcomic Queen of Gods, and yes, I admit, I have an addiction to adorable, quirky romance stories. So get ready to see the perfect dream cast for our favorite struggling couple Ilene and Jim, as well as the rest of the fun cast of Yes, My Boss!

Disagree with me? Tell me your choices for your Dream Cast in the comments below!

Ilene Dream Cast: Alice Lee
The broke artist through and through! Alice Lee as Ilene Jung

I actually had to think very long and hard about my choice for Ilene. She is a webcomic artist (like me) and she has a day job (like me), so of course I relate. However… She does pull all-nighters in order to hit her deadlines, while I believe sleep is sacred. So I guess we can never be friends. Anyways, Alice Lee, who currently plays Emily in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, is one of the most charming actresses out there right now. Also, she looks good in oversized sweaters, which is a basic requirement for any halfway decent webcomic artist (comfort over style any time of the day!)

Jim Dream Cast: Park Seo Joon
Secretly nice or just a jerk? Park Seo-joon as Jim Kang  

I mean, come on. Come on! Is there any better fit aside from Park Seo-joon for our lovable male lead Jim? Tussle his hair a little more than usual, draw on some dark circles under his eyes, and he immediately transforms into the chronically overworked Jim, who isn’t only a hard worker at his day job but also supports Ilene’s comic studio by night. Jim is socially awkward but incredibly charming, and Park Seo-joon who is known for various highly successful television dramas, would be an amazing fit!

Dream Cast: Zac Efron as Luca
The hot guy who doesn’t get the girl? Zac Efron as Luca Suh

I’m kinda living for taking one of the hottest faces in Hollywood and making him the side male character. Luca is bright, happy, friendly and… mysteriously dark? Also, Ilene thinks he is in love with Jim, and imagining Zac Efron falling from misunderstanding to misunderstanding would be a fantastic sight to behold!

Just a tiny bit difficult! Chloë Grace Moretz as Suzy Baek

Suzy has always had a strong obsession with her friend Ilene and is an absolute beast towards poor old Jim. Chloë has the perfect attitude to play Suzy and I really just want to see her order around Park Seo-joon, criticizing each cup of coffee he makes for no reason other than her amusement.

The Office Cast as the Office Workers
And, most importantly: The Cast of The Office as the Coworkers

Jim’s office coworkers have no love lost for Jim (for good reasons I might add), and it takes them a veeery long time to be able to see any good in him. If we turn this series into a real life show, adding some hijinx into the office scenes would be a great way to keep viewers invested – and who would be better at that than the cast of one of the funniest shows around? That’s right! Jim should just work in The Office!

Let us know who you’d cast in Yes, My Boss!


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