Texts from A: In Which Hanna Gets Hit By A Car


Hello, friends, and welcome back to Texts From A, where I’m watching Pretty Little Liars for the first time and telling you all about it. This post covers episodes 10 and 11 of season one, and guys?

It’s getting real(er).

Before we get into individual character plots, there’s a few big things that involve all of them.

  1. Mona – Hanna’s mean best friend that she’s constantly having to defend everyone against but is still her best friend I guess – is having a birthday bash in the woods that’s being called Camp Mona. They’re all invited, and A has made it known that they’ll be there too.
  2. The FBI has taken over Alison’s murder investigation, and they have the tape that we saw a peek of at the end of episode 9. It was taken the night Alison disappeared, she’s wearing a sweater that isn’t hers, and the girls think it’s likely to be the older high school boy she was apparently involved with. (My bet right now: Ian, because he’s suddenly back in the picture.)
  3. Toby is an official suspect in Alison’s murder and considered to be on the run. It’s his sweater Alison is wearing in the video, and in episode 8, Detective Creeper said that Toby or someone using his phone called Alison the night she died.
    • A leaves a book in Aria’s locker directing her to a poem by Fitz.
      • This poem is somehow about Aria.
      • The most unrealistic thing I’ve seen in this show is the idea that in the space of, what, a month or two, IF THAT, Fitz wrote and published a poem about Aria IN A BOOK.
        • (You may not know this but publishing is notoriously slow and this is nonsense.)
      • Anyway Aria cries about the poem and confronts Fitz about it at school because these two are as subtle as bricks to the face.
        • Noel definitely overhears at least part of the conversation, suspects what’s going on, and he is PISSED.
      • At the party, Aria gets a text from Fitz saying that he needs to see her.
        • gO TO HELL, FITZ
        • But of course she meets up with him, and they end up making out in his car.
        • AND someone writes “I SEE YOU” in the dust on the back of Fitz’s car.
      • Hanna reveals that she saw Noel writing the “I SEE YOU” on the back window. He wasn’t supposed to be at the party in the first place. This makes everyone think that Noel might be A.
      • So now Hanna, Emily, and Spencer all know about Aria’s relationship with Fitz and they don’t know how to react. They seem kind of freaked but also just upset she didn’t tell them.
        • Spencer at one point says that “Part of me thinks this is really self-destructive behavior, but most of me just thinks this is really hot” and I think that’s a good chunk of the PLL fandom tbh.
      • When Aria confronts Noel, he says that he went to the party because he thought it would be funny to scare all the girls in the woods, but then he saw her with Fitz.
      • Noel’s reaction only proves to me that he’s much better for Aria.
        • He assumes that Fitz is forcing her into something, and says that he’ll go to the principal with her and stand by her and they’ll take Fitz down.
      • But Aria thinks it’s all fine, it’s “not like that”, and makes him promise not to tell.
      • I can’t really blame the girls for not being willing to believe that the relationship between Aria and Fitz is really bad news. Aria is being groomed, Spencer has a history of being groomed (we’ll get to that more later!!) and they’re all teenage girls! It shouldn’t be their job to make this not happen!
      • Her dad is super not doing great with this single-parent thing. He misses her mom but is trying to give her space.
      • Aria has a heartfelt conversation with her mom about the affair, asking if her mom blames her for keeping it secret.
        • Her mom says she wishes she’d told her, but she doesn’t blame her. Aria says she was just trying to protect her, her mom says she knows, they’re crying, I’m crying!!
  • She finds out that one of the big things her mother is hiding from her is that their house is going into foreclosure.
    • Hanna doesn’t know this part, but her mom steals money from the bank she apparently works at, and I’m sure that’s going to end fine.
  • Mona makes some ultimatum that if Hanna’s not at her birthday lunch, then they aren’t friends anymore.
    • …And Hanna gets called to the office by the FBI and does, in fact, miss the birthday lunch.
    • Mona is nothing if not a girl of her word, and she ends their friendship, un-invites her from the party, and also spreads a rumor (provided helpfully by A) that Hanna got liposuction.
  • Hanna goes to the party anyway to be on the lookout for A, which is when she sees Aria and Fitz, and sees Noel writing on the back of the car and becomes convinced he’s A.
    • She sends an SOS to the others that she knows who A is,
  • The text that comes in from A: “She knew too much”
  • It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. She gets taken to the hospital. She has a broken leg and ankle, some bruised ribs, and her spleen might have to be removed, which is apparently a thing that can happen.
  • The car was stolen and the police didn’t find the driver.
  • Mona visits Hanna in the hospital to make peace. I still don’t like Mona but it makes Hanna happy.
  • Ugh okay let me get some stuff with Lucas out of the way.
    • You guys know that I like Lucas and that I’ve been hoping the show won’t send him into Nice Guy
    • But he sneaks into her hospital room while she’s sleeping and kisses her on the forehead and then just…leaves? Which…I guess…could be…worse? But is still WEIRD, right?
    • Hanna wakes up and sees him go. When he visits her the next time that she’s awake – and he apparently has been skipping school to keep her company – she confronts him.
    • She does it REALLY NICELY, too. She talks about how much she likes him and cares about him and how he’s a great friend.
    • …But Lucas gets pissed anyway and leaves.
    • Please let him walk this back soon.
  • Now, here’s some really weird shit.
    • It’s hard to tell if Hanna is asleep and dreaming, or just drugged up. The scene clearly has an either dream or druglike quality to it.
    • And I’d think it’s one of those anyway because she sees Alison in a candy striper outfit.
    • ?hallucination? Alison tells her that between the four of them, they know the truth about what happened to her the night she died, but also asks if the truth is really worth it.
      • She says that telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is why she died.
    • I’d happily brush this up to Hanna’s subconscious telling her things she already knew, but then Alison does this thing where she checks the time and says she has to go.
      • She says that she was scared Hanna would die, and that’s why she had to come see her – she “didn’t care how dangerous it was”
      • Plus she says that she should do something about A because “that bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves”
    • I want you all to know right now that if Pretty Little Liars goes into ghost territory,
    • There’s also a creepy thing where A signed her cast with “Sorry about losing my temper. My bad”
  • Emily’s dad is back from war! And her mom is acting super weird around Maya!
  • Her mom is acting super weird around Maya because A sent her the pictures of Emily and Maya kissing! So that’s great!
  • Toby shows up in Emily’s backseat because Toby only knows how to act like a murderer.
    • He tells her that his tattoo doesn’t refer to the day Alison disappeared – it’s the day he ended things with Jenna.
    • He did see Alison the night she died, but it was to thank her for helping him away from Jenna.
    • He gave her his sweater because it was cold and the last time he saw her, she was getting in a car with another guy.
    • He says he can’t go to the police because they’ve already decided he’s guilty, and that he only came to say goodbye to Emily before he has to run off again.
    • He asks her to meet him if she can, and not to tell her friends because they’ll want to tell the police.
      • So she immediately tells Aria and Spencer.
        • Who want to tell the police.
      • Toby does get arrested, but Emily didn’t call the police – we don’t have confirmation on who did.
      • Emily tries to find out how she can see him. Jenna overhears, and says that even if Toby wanted to see Emily, Jenna wouldn’t let him. Jenna thinks that Toby being arrested in the first place is entirely Emily’s fault.
    • And that’s not enough drama for Emily this round.
    • Emily does something really brave and really scary.
    • She comes out to her dad.
    • I wish I could tell you it goes perfectly well. All I can tell you is that it could have gone worse.
      • Her mom thinks it’s a big phase caused by Alison’s death and by Maya. She thinks it’s wrong, and that it needs to be fixed.
      • Her dad also thinks it’s wrong, but he at least says things that show promise, like:
        • “Fix it? This isn’t like buying her braces. This is who she is.”
        • “I don’t like this, but she’s alive and healthy, and after everything I’ve seen, alive and healthy counts for a lot.”
      • And Emily overhears…all of that. My heart is breaking.
  • So this Ian dude is Melissa’s ex-boyfriend. He dumped her, now he’s back, and he asked Melissa out.
    • We also see a flashback where IAN KISSES SPENCER.
      • Alison sees. Spencer denies that she liked it, and Alison says good, because if she was, that would make her a skank.
    • It’s not Melissa’s fault that her adult boyfriends keep coming on to her teenage sister but god she needs better taste in men.
    • She also needs to stop blaming her 16-YEAR-OLD SISTER for her breakup with Wren.
      • Spencer encourages her to give Ian a chance, and Melissa says something about “is this you trying to fix what you broke with Wren”, and I became that second sun in the sky powered by incandescent rage.
    • Everything with Melissa and Ian also escalates real fast – Spencer tells Melissa to give Ian a chance in episode 10, and by the end of episode 11, THEY’VE ELOPED.
  • At the Camp Mona party, while Aria is meeting up with Fitz and Hanna is heading towards her literal run-in with a speeding car, Spencer is following A’s trail of clues.
    • She finds a bracelet like Alison’s, except it says “Jenna” instead of Alison.
      • Did A make it? They did make a fake Alison bracelet for the girls to find.
      • Or were Jenna and Alison really friends?
    • She also finds a tree with a heart carving on it, and in the heart? “Alison + Ian”
    • I swear to you on the old gods and the new that I didn’t know about this when I theorized that it was Ian Alison was seeing, I’m just psychic.
    • We also get to see the end of the Alison video, where the camera turns…on Ian! Does the FBI have that copy, or did A cut that out? We don’t know!
  • When Spencer returns to the tree with Aria to show her the heart…
    • The tree is GONE. CHOPPED DOWN.
    • A is serious about this shit.
  • Spencer also starts to theorize that A and Alison’s killer are two different people.

Our last look in this episode is of A burning the section of tree with the Alison + Ian heart in a fireplace. They wanted the girls to know about it, but didn’t want them to have any actual evidence.

I want Aria free of Fitz. I want Spencer free of Ian being in her life! I want Hanna out of the hospital and I want Emily’s parents to accept her.

I suspect the show isn’t going to be kind enough to let me have any of those things, but at least I’m enjoying the ride.

Photos from: https://prettylittleliars.fandom.com

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