The Best Gifts to Give the Writer in Your Life


Writing is an art and a science, and it takes a lot of patience to practice it. If you know a writer or maybe an aspiring writer who doesn’t know where to start, here are some great gift ideas!

On Writing by Stephen King

Whether or not you’re a fan of King, everyone knows who he is and knows that he is basically the definition of literary success. So, why not gift someone his words of wisdom on writing? 

Grammar Correcting Mug

We all know someone who is CONSTANTLY correcting everyone’s grammar. Maybe they’re an English teacher, or maybe you even know someone who edits books and other writings for a living. Here is the perfect mug for them! 

Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

You’ve seen these mostly at hotels or on angsty teenagers’ bedroom doors, but if you know someone who needs complete silence and uninterrupted writing time, why not do so with a polite door hanger?

Colorful Pens

Plotting a book is time consuming: you have to keep track of all character’s whereabouts, and backgrounds, and oh my gosh I’m getting a headache just thinking about it! Colorful pens make it easier for anyone to keep track of the who, what, where and whys! This is a set of 20 gel ink pens with 10 different colors.

Dotted Grid Journal

A new year means new novel ideas! What a better why to help your aspiring author to get organized than a grid journal to help keep the ideas flowing?

Character Development Journal

This is perfect for the aspiring writer in your life! This journal helps guide anyone in developing their characters to complete their perfect story!

“Do Not Annoy the Writer” Mug

Tell people to leave you alone without saying a word!

You Are Amazing As F*ck Coloring Book

Writing is stressful at all stages: the plotting, the actual writing, the editing, the publishing and figuring out what to do with your completed work. Help your writer friend de-stress with this swear word coloring book! It’s filled with motivation and prettiness. 

Pen Pouch

This is a handy way to keep writers’ tool handy whenever for inspiration hits!

642 Things to Write About

This is a handy journal filled with fun writing promps, questions to answer and everything else you need to get those creative juices flowing! This is also one of those perfect gifts for youngsters who have a fantastic imagination!

BONUS: 240 Bic Pens

A box of 240 pens! In both black and blue! Writers go through a lot of pens and these are perfect! Just don’t ask them to share with you…

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