The One Book I’d Give My Younger Self: ‘The Proposal’

The Book I’d Give to My Younger Self: ‘The Proposal’

By Natalie Roussina

Let’s face it: everyone loves a good romance book. A romance where the chemistry just oozes off the pages and has you feeling all the feels. Something so good, you just can’t put  down. But what’s even better? A good women’s fiction book. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds, while also sending an empowering message. Back in January, Jasmine Guillory did just that with a little taste of her amazing writing in her debut novel, The Wedding Date. Now, she’s back with a sequel to her series, and I have a feeling it’s only just the beginning. The Proposal is the book I’d like to give to my younger self and here’s why…

A Strong Non-Caucasian Female Character

This may stray a little from the lessons taught in this book, but I just want to get this out there. Alexa in The Wedding Date was a badass, as well as Nik in The Proposal. Everyone loves a strong female lead, but these women are the exception. You don’t often read a book where the main character is a strong African-American woman who is very successful in her career and focuses on herself before love. What I love about this book is that it’s up to date, a contemporary, caught up in the 21st century. These women are passionate about what they do and there’s no one standing in their way from their success. True role models to all and quite memorable characters.

Being Treated as An Equal Leads to a Healthy Relationship

It’s no secret that women still struggle today to get treated just as equally as men. Many are still fighting for equal pay and once that problem is solved, another comes up. Often, women are brushed off and not taken seriously. They should be given more credit where credit is due and as every woman dreams, treated like a queen in her own fairytale. What I enjoyed a lot about this book is how it portrayed a healthy relationship. Carlos and Nik are two equals, and Carlos has been constantly surrounded by the women in his family, so he knows how to treat them well. Even though Carlos and Nik only kept it casual, he would often praise Nik and understands she can be a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man. That says a lot, since Carlos is first described as cocky and arrogant, yet he knows how to a treat a woman right. When two people are equal individuals in a relationship and openly communicate, your relationship is bound to succeed. If your partner isn’t treating you right or like you’re below them, dump them immediately. No significant other should change you. They should love every part of you and you for who you are. You deserve to be treated like the goddess you are.

Focus on Yourself

I feel like ever since I was young, I’ve been told the end goal is marriage and starting a family. It just seems like the typical thing to do, right? All romances seem to end in happy ever after and as if you needed someone to complete you. But in what Jasmine’s books both have in common is a strong female character who just focuses on herself first. She focuses on her goals and careers and is already happy. You don’t need a relationship to fill the void because in the end, the only person who’s going to look out for you is you. You’re going to help yourself get further in life and accomplish your goals. Not the relationship type? No problem. It’s not cut out for everyone and we need to stop this whole stigma of dying besides your prince charming. You just continue being a badass who doesn’t need to live by love. 

Take a Self Defense Class

You may be thinking, what does a self defense class have anything to do with this? Nik was scared of her ex, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She signed herself and her friends up for a class called “Punch Like a Girl”. Now, this may sound like a cliché, girly class but it was one of the most empowering things in the book. Hell, I’d take the class if I can find one near me. Jasmine Guillory really knows how to draw you into her world. She writes “Women who know how to fight hold themselves differently. You walk into any situation with an attitude that you’ve got this, you can defend yourself. You are strong.” Now THAT’S empowering. The class also teaches you to face the fears head on and not how to use self defense like in action movies. It’s for women of all shapes and sizes AND you pay by what you can afford. We all need a class like this in our lives ASAP. But bottom line is, signing up for a self defense class is not only a great way to get into shape, but to also face your fears. There’s always strange people out there and you never know when you may need to bust out some punches. You’ll also come out feeling surer of yourself and that you can conquer the world.

Overall, The Proposal is a 5 star chick book, but with a strong female and teaching valuable life lessons. While I may wish this is the book I’d give my younger self, it’s never too late to start abiding by these rules to spice up your life. The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory hit bookstores October 30, 2018. Pick it up,  you won’t be disappointed

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