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Book Breaks, a Bookish App

Harlequin announced the relaunch of the Book Breaks App this week, with hundreds of free stories from Harlequin authors that are already available in the app, plus new chapters posted every weekday! The app, which is free to download in both the Google Play store and Apple App Store and can be used on mobile phones or tablets, has stories to suit every mood and length of time you have to read. 

After downloading the app, readers will need to enter their email address under settings to unlock all the content and can begin searching for what they want to read. Search options include a title/author search bar, time length available to read, or mood categories.

Book Breaks Starter Guide for Frolic

Readers can favorite their top picks to save them and come back to read at any time. Here are a few featured titles to get you started.

Title: The Nerd Who Loved Me by Liz Talley

Mood: Fall In Love

Time: 45 mins

Chapters: 20 total

Description: Ten years ago, Howard Donald Long II was run out of Bonnet Creek by vicious lies, his practice, family and life nearly destroyed by the dirty allegations of one family—the Rodrigues. Now, Howard Long III, known as Tripp, is back to clear his father’s name, and he’s got the money and the muscles to do it. Then he runs into Mary Belle Prudhomme.

She’d been his closest friend as a kid, until they grew up, developed hormones and she rejected him. For Bear Rodrigue. She’s still every fantasy he ever had come to life, yet now she seems vulnerable, alone. Tripp reaches out to her, and they find the easy connection they had when they were kids, as well as something more—forgiveness.

But justice and forgiveness are not the same thing. And in the pursuit of redemption, Tripp may lose the tenuous peace he’s made with his past…and Mary Belle.

Our Season for Love by Sherelle Creen 

Mood: Be Seduced, Fall in Love, Ride Off Into The Sunset

Time: 45 mins

Chapters: 8 total

Description: Will this be a new season for their love? Laney Lexington’s job just went from manageable to full blown chaotic. When the freelance company she helped hire to design an app set to launch in less than a week, goes under, Laney can’t falter. Luckily, as the social media operations manager for Tailored Sophistication, she strives in high pressure situations. She knows that returning to her hometown of Summerland, Michigan, and to the door of a former flame is where she’ll discover the solution to her dilemma, but she has no plans of falling back into his strong, enticing arms! Life has been anything but predictable for Austin Black. As a former FBI Cyber Security Specialist turned web engineer, he’s experienced enough action to last a lifetime. There’s not much in the world that temps Austin, but before they parted ways, the beautiful woman at his door was once his greatest adventure. Laney’s in desperate need of help, and he intends to fulfill her wishes. He’ll get the app up and running before the launch date, but he wants Laney’s undivided attention in return. And for the remainder of her visit, Austin will show her just how magical and just how rewarding a future together could be…

Shielded by the Sherriff by Jenna Kernan

Mood: Be Seduced, Sit On The Edge Of Your Seat, Walk on the Dark Side

Time: 60 mins

Chapters: 19 total

Description: When Emily Weaver called Homeland Security to report a lost ID card, they told her someone would come to pick it up. Yet, the last person she expected to see on her doorstep was Deputy Sheriff Caden Pace, her ex-fiancé. When she discovers the card is missing, she is shocked to learn that Caden has been sent to fetch her as well as the ID. While still processing her shock and confusion, Emily suddenly learns that people are after her. With heat still simmering between the former lovers, can they work together to discover who stole the card…and how her father’s sudden disappearance relates to the crime?

Check out the Book Breaks app on the Google Play store or Apple App Store for more Harlequin reads!


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