The Five Best Screen Kisses Of All Time


So, let’s talk a little romance, specifically film romance. We all love a great romance on film, but the moment that we love most is when that romance finally comes together in an earth shaking kiss scene. These kiss scenes sometimes fall flat, but when they work the audience can experience the best romantic moments in film history. Throughout the history of cinema, there are some extremely famous kiss scenes, so let’s talk about some of my favorites, and some I hope you love as well!

1.The One That Made Upside Down Kisses A Thing

This famous kiss, which takes place in the Tobey Maguire Spiderman 2 movie, took film by storm. The kiss, which is between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, is upside down! Yes, it is upside down and in the pouring rain! It can’t get more romantic than that. I remember as a little girl watching this scene and thinking, “Man…that is true love.” And for many Spiderman fans it was the moment of true love for the Spiderman franchise and universe. It soon became one of the most iconic movie kisses in history.

2. The “Cafe” Kiss

Now raise your hand if you have watched Friends a million trillion times! I am looking at you. Yes. You. I know most of you have watched the show because, let’s face it, it is a classic! And I know that most of you shipped Ross and Rachel. So yes, let’s talk about that famous, and very exciting, cafe kiss! The first real kiss between Ross and Rachel when she is crying in Central Perk and Ross comes back for her. Again, it is pouring rain (there seems to be a theme here) and there is obviously some humor because, come on, this is Friends. I think my favorite moment is when she first sees him from across the room. They look into each other’s eyes before they come crashing together in passion. It was a moment that ended one of the best episodes, in my opinion, and a moment that was featured in the series’ intro for almost the entire season! I think, for TV show bingers such as myself, this is one of the most iconic TV show kisses.

3. The Forbidden Kiss

And here is the one that is hard to overlook. One of the most classic romances ever. Romeo + Juliet. Not just any Romeo and Juliet but the one from 1996 with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Now, there are many steamy and stolen kisses in this film, but one of the best moments is the elevator kiss in Juliet’s home. This scene, which is the start of the romance between DiCaprio and Danes’ characters, is the first time they kiss and is the epitome of a “stolen kiss.”

 4. The Classic Kiss

We’re going back in time to one of the most romantic times in film history, the Fifties. The Fifties were a glamorous time in film and a treasure trove for romantic kisses. One of the best is from the film To Catch a Thief which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starred Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. There are many great things about this film, including the strong willed females who take the lead in the romantic relationships. However, the kiss that ends the film is truly romantic with just the right amount of humor. It embodies the characters and the vibe of the film perfectly.

5. The “As You Wish” Kiss

How can we talk about romance and films without talking about The Princess Bride? I mean, it’s The Princess Bride! I honestly don’t remember the first time I watched this film because I was so young. I grew up with this movie and even now love to watch it. As I was rewatching the scene where Buttercup finds out who Wesley is, it made me want to cry. I sat here at my computer and mouthed the lines, my Dad laughing at my dramatic gestures. I LOVE THIS FILM! I especially love the scene when they fall down the grassy hill and see each other for the first time in years; the moment their love and devotion comes together once more. And of course, there are two other great kisses in the film—the one at the beginning when they say goodbye, and the one at the end of the film. All three kisses are epic and beautifully filmed. Wesley and Buttercup’s romance is one that will live forever in all of our hearts.

And those are my top five cinematic kiss scenes! Now, if you  haven’t watched any of these films, I enthusiastically recommend them all. They are not just famous due to their romantic moments but also because they are great films.


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  1. Why does no one ever put this movie on their list for greatest screen kisses is beyond me…
    Eric Stoltz/Mary Stuart Masterson from Some Kind of Wonderful…in the “I was just going to work on it with you” scene.

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