The Five Love Languages of the Love is Blind Cast


The dramatic Bachelor season is over and with The Bachelorette postponed, I’ve been in need of some good, quality reality TV. When Love is Blind first came out, I was skeptical. It felt like a hybrid of Jersey Shore and The Masked Singer —  in the weirdest way possible.

But then, I caved. And when I say caved, I mean I turned into a full-on human sinkhole because I started Love is Blind on a Monday and finished it on a Wednesday. Now that I’m finished and still left with a lot of time at home, I decided to take a guess at the love languages of each of these relationships. Be sure to do a refresh on the five love languages because we’ll be tackling all of them! 

Kenny and Kelly
Kelly and Kenny – Quality Time

Kelly and Kenny were my favorites until… well, she totally stood him up at their wedding. We all know they had an interesting dynamic. While they seemed to go together like two peas in a pod, they never got to a physical level that they wanted. So their love language isn’t physical touch — no surprise there. 

Kelly and Kenny were all about talking, laughing and getting as much time together as possible. When they spent a few nights apart, he was upset about being separated. Rumors are flying that they decided to go through with the engagement to spend time together with the plan to break up on the altar. Spending extra time together? Sounds like a classic case of quality time. But in order to survive, they needed more oomph than just enjoying each other’s company. Sorry, Kelly and Kenny! 

Giannina and Damian
Giannina and Damian – Receiving Gifts

Is drama a love language? G & D had their fair share of high highs and low lows throughout the show, but we can’t deny that they loved doing things for each other. From the moment Damian got down on one knee (bow on his wrist and all!) to the “cold socks” G sent him on their wedding day, we’re consistently seeing gift-giving as the motif of their relationship. Apparently, G & D are back at it, giving their relationship a second go. Best of luck! 

Amber and Barnett – Physical Touch

Do we even have to guess this one? Luckily, love is blind AND visual for Amber and Barnett because they both cared a lot about looks going into the show. When they saw each other in person for the first time, they both were pleasantly surprised to find themselves attracted to each other. Throughout the season, we see Amber and Barnett all over each other in social settings, in private and even when they’re around family. Yikes! Or should we say… good for them? In Jessica’s eyes, it’s a big yikes. (You sure you’re over him, girl?) 

Jessica and Mark
Jessica and Mark – Words of Affirmation 

Jessica and Mark have an interesting dynamic, to say the least. It seems like everyone fell in love with them right off the bat, but they took a quick fall when things got real. Putting that aside, they did a great job consoling each other’s worries with their words. Isn’t that how they fell in love anyway? This couple is the perfect example of love being blind — where the words meant a lot, but the physical attraction just wasn’t there. 

Lauren and Cameron – Acts of Service

From the moment Cameron got emotional (when sh*t got REAL) to Lauren’s virtual hug, we can see a recurring theme here. These two lovebirds are all about making each other feel happy. They loved planning their wedding and going on fun excursions together, and we loved watching. Another key indicator that Lauren and Cameron speak the “acts of service” language? When Cameron met Lauren’s dad! He did everything he could to impress him, and Lauren helped him out with pep talks. Have you seen their YouTube channel? It’s a must-watch!


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