The Frolic Podcast Network Shares their Favorite Halloween Hacks and Candies!

Halloween Hacks

Spooky Season is upon us! We’re celebrating by asking the hosts from the Frolic Podcast Network some not-so-scary questions.

Up first, Halloween Hacks!

Literally Us Podcast Shares…

“Never watch a scary movie alone and always make sure you have your trusty book boyfriend on standby.”

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy Shares…

“Spiders like to come inside in the fall, so let them! They’ll spin webs in your windows, nab those annoying late-season house flies, AND their webs make for fantastic creepy decorations! Boom. Done. Thank you, spider friends!”

Boobies & Noobies Shares…

“If you’ve got kids and access to leaves, boy have I got a decorating hack for you! Grab some of those extra-large garbage bags that look like carved pumpkins (you can get them from your local party store on on Amazon), have the kids help you rake the yard, and fill up those bags for some easy outdoor decor. Helping my mom fill the trash bag gourds is one of my favorite Halloween memories!”

And what candies are they munching on this October 31?

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books Shares…

“I can’t choose between Reese’s cups, and mini 100 Grand bars. LOVE those. “

Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club Shares…

“Mom and I differ greatly on our candy selections, which works out great come Halloween because then we can truly complete each other when given a Halloween mix. I like the fruity stuff and sour stuff and Mom leans more chocolate and licorice.”

Too Stupid to Live Shares…

“Tiny boxes of raisins. Just kidding! It’s Reeses.”

Whoa!mance Shares…

“Morgan: Pumpkin Shaped Reeses. Isabeau: Fun size dark milky way.”

My Imaginary Friends Shares…

“I love candy corn! Can’t get enough of those tiny, triangular, mouthfuls of goodness!”

Finally, which podcaster has had a ghost encounter!?

The Mermaid Podcast Shares…

“Yes! I was on a trip in Jamaica, and ended up exploring underground caves. A shaman who was our guide rubbed special mud on me and “baptized” me in the underground stream. Then he led us to a swimming hole in a cave, filled with blue water. The cave was lit by one lightbulb and I climbed down a rickety ladder to swim. I ended up swimming further into the cave than the rest of the group, and had a kind of out-of-body moment when I saw a silvery woman watching me from behind a rock. When I looked again, she was gone. I was the only who had seen her. Later I found out the cave is known to be guarded by a water spirit and that National Geographic divers had just explored the swimming hole, and declared it bottomless. I tell this story in the “Mermaid Close Encounters” episode in Season 1 of The Mermaid Podcast.”

Happy almost-Halloween, everyone!


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