The Most Anticipated Beach Reads of Summer


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The beach, the sun and a stack of amazing new reads… what more can you ask for? This summer, we’re stocking our bookshelves with the best of the best. From feel-good romance to family drama and even a thriller or two, here are the books you need in your beach bag this summer.

We Came Here to Forget by Andrea Dunlop

Katie Cleary has always had one goal in mind: be the best skier the world has ever seen. But her days of intense training and working towards her dream are cut short when a shocking secret comes out about her sister, causing her to leave town and create a new life for herself. Now spending her days in Buenos Aires under a new name, she surrounds herself with eccentric new friends who know nothing about her past. As she grows more comfortable in her new surroundings, she’ll learn that secrets always come back to haunt you and you can’t run from the truth forever. With a touch of romance, this book is the perfect summer read for anyone who loved She Regrets Nothing.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang
The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

If you loved Helen Hoang’s charming novel The Kiss Quotient, you’ll want to get your hands on her latest release ASAP. Khai Diep has never known what it’s like to feel the true range of human emotion due to his autism. Unable to comes to terms with the fact that Khai may never find true love and a forever partner, his mother makes it her mission to find him a suitable woman. Traveling to Vietnam to find Khai his future wife, she meets a woman who she believes will change her son’s life for the better.

Honestly, We Meant Well by Grant Ginder

From the beloved author of The People We Hate at the Wedding comes a new story about family, told with infectious humor and heart. Sue Ellen Wright was convinced she had it all until she found out about her husband’s infidelity and the fact that her son’s life is falling apart. Heading back to a place where she discovered herself, she brings her family to a Greek island in the hopes that it will bring them back together. Reflecting on her past and her current familial situation, Sue will find that there might be salvation for the Wrights after all.

The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion

This new novel by bestselling author Graeme Simsion will hit you hard with emotions. Married couple Don and Rosie are about to be thrown a challenge they never saw coming in The Rosie Result. While both of them are dealing with battles of their own at work, they’ve also been handed a new difficulty at home: their son’s possible autism diagnosis. Trying to make the best decision for their son, their family and their professional lives, these two hardworking parents will be forced to find the right path for the people they love as well as for themselves.

A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell

One woman’s entire life is about to be forever changed in this shocking new thriller from Michele Campbell. After learning a heartbreaking truth about her husband, picture-perfect Caroline pursues a casual fling with a local bartender… but this new man has other ideas about their relationship. As Caroline tries to push off the casual fling, she’ll find that the mysterious man has started to appear outside of her beach home and before she knows it, he has become enthralled with Caroline, leading to dangerous and violent consequences for both her and her husband.     

The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver

Every parent’s worst nightmare is brought to life in this new book from New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver. When a young woman goes missing in Silicon Valley, her father hires Colter Shaw to track her down. As Colter gets deeper into the case, he learns that Silicon Valley is more cutthroat than he could have ever imagined and when a second person goes missing, he knows there’s something much more sinister going on. Is there someone out there trying to bring a cruel video game to life? And more importantly, can Colter stop the crimes from happening before he, or anyone else, gets hurt?

Southern Side of Paradise by Kristy Woodson Harvey

If you’re a sucker for a beach read with a southern flair, you’ll fall head over heels for this new release from Kristy Woodson Harvey. Ansley Murphy and her three daughters are thriving in their lives. Just as the four women get accustomed to their good luck, their lives are thrown into chaos by two women who have the power to unearth their secrets. Trying to put the pieces of their shattered lives back together, the Murphy women will learn the true strength of family and showing up for one another. Make sure to stock your beach bag with the first two books in this series for the summer.

Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck & Fortune by Roselle Lim

When Natalie Tan left home, she vowed to pursue a career as a chef and leave San Francisco’s Chinatown behind her. But seven years later, Natalie finds herself back in Chinatown after the death of her mother and is even more surprised to learn that she has inherited her grandmother’s Chinese restaurant. Now forced to stay in a neighborhood she once resented, she’ll learn that sometimes things aren’t always as black and white as they seem and thanks to a new friendship and love interest, she finds that maybe Chinatown could be the place for her after all.

The Last Resort by Marissa Stapley

When two struggling couples signed up to attend a couples’ therapy program, they were promised an enlightening experience at a beautiful resort. Just as the program begins, the two couples and their counselors are trapped at the luxury resort due to a dangerous tropical storm headed their way. Now finding themselves forced to get to know one another, these six strangers will learn secrets about each other that will ultimately test their bonds and make them question their relationships. Paradise comes with a twist in this unputdownable read by Marissa Stapley.

You, Me, and the Sea by Meg Donohue

If you fall for classic romance novels, you’ll love this new book from Meg Donohue. Raised in a town on the coast of Northern California, Merrow Shawe has always known the meaning of home and despite past tragedies she’s faced there, she could never imagine leaving. Shaking up her perfect world, handsome stranger Amir arrives to live with her family, setting into play a new romance between the two. But as the two grow closer, a tragedy will throw their world into chaos and make Merrow wonder if Amir is really the man she thinks he is or if he’s hiding something dark that will drive her away from the one place she’s always felt safe.

The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

If you’re a fan of twisted thrillers, The Escape Room should be at the very top of your summer reading list. When four ruthless coworkers agree to participate in an escape room, what they don’t realize is that this simple team bonding activity will turn deadly. Trapped in the dark in an elevator together, the four colleagues will be forced to decode mysterious clues in order to get out and return to their everyday lives. But soon the simple tasks at hand turn dark, revealing secrets and schemes none of them ever wanted to be brought to light. By the end of the game, the four participants will have to face a fate worse than they could have ever imagined.

Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner

The #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner returns this summer with a new novel about growing up and becoming the woman you were always meant to be. Mrs. Everything tells the story of Jewish sisters Jo and Bethie who grew up in 1950s Detroit and follows their lives through all of the ups and downs. Through these difficulties, Jo and Bethie learn the harsh realities of life and being a woman. With crucial commentary on the history of women, this touching women’s fiction novel will surely become a hit amongst book clubs.

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