The Most Bingeable Shows You’ve Never Heard of and Where to Watch Them


With all of the great content on Netflix, Hulu, Prime and on TV these days, it can be hard to find something great to watch! If you, like me, often find yourself surfing through titles and finding nothing at all, here are five bingeable shows that you may not have heard of but won’t regret checking out!

Sneaky Pete

Genre: CrimeDrama

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

Sneaky Pete is one of my favorite shows to watch over and over again! This series follows con man Marius Josipovic as he takes on his biggest con yet: stealing his cellmate’s identity. When he assumes Pete’s identity and infiltrates his family, chaos ensues, especially because Marius’s brother Eddie is in the clutches of the man they tried and failed to con. The cast is phenomenal, sometimes knocking out monologues over three minutes long. Each episode features a con, and it’s so much fun to see Marius and the other characters outsmart the bad(der) guys again and again. This is a very character-driven show that may take you an episode or two to get into, but once you’re in, you’re IN for all three seasons. 


Genre: SciFi, Historical

Where to watch: Hulu

This show is one of my favorite Stephen King adaptations! In this twisty SciFi show, a man is sent back to the 1960s and begins a mission to stop the assassination of JFK. The show stars James Franco and is filled with bits of 1960s pop culture and high-stakes action. If you’re looking for a bingeable limited series, give this one a try!

Are You the One?

Genre: Reality

Where to Watch: MTV Website

If you love The Bachelor, you’re going to adore this show! MTV takes ten men and ten women, throws them into a house, and tells them to search for their perfect match. If everyone finds the person selected for them by the matchmakers, everyone wins money! The latest season was QUEER, guys, and it was amazing! If you need a reality fix, binge Are You the One!

Somewhere Between

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Where to watch: Netflix

This is one of the most unique mysteries I’ve ever watched! When a series of murders in the area puts Laura on edge, she throws herself inot solving the mystery. but when her own daughter is put in danger, everything changes. This limited series stars the incredible Paula Patton and will have you hooked from the start. 


Genre: Mystery, Drama

Where to Wach: Netflix

I was a bit intimidated when I read that this show was all in Spanish, but this show is more than worth reading the subtitles! The show begins with a murder and winds back in time to reveal the culprit. Full of drama, romance and more, this show is a must-watch for any drama fan!

What are your favorite unknown shhows? Comment below!


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