The Perfect Military Romances to Give you Fireworks this 4th of July by Susan Stoker

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In America, the Fourth of July is known for fireworks, picnics, visits to the lake, and lots and lots of food. But for some, it’s also a time to honor and remember all the military heroes who have served.

And for many readers, one way to pay their respect is to read stories about fictional military heroes. I know that for me, writing about Navy SEALs, Delta Force Teams, men and women who serve in all branches of the military (both in the US and abroad), the appeal is that larger-than-life-hero.

There’s just something about a man in uniform that “does it” for me. And I love the idea of a muscular, honorable, and single military man setting his sights on me! (Lucky for me, I married my own Army man nineteen years ago!)

I not only write about active duty and retired military heroes, I like to read about them, too. So, for this July 4th, I thought I’d share some of my favorites. The below books aren’t listed in any particular order, but they all have something that I crave when I read—Hot Alpha Heroes!

Mason by Dale Mayer

Mason is book 1 in her SEALs of Honor Series. This book reminds me a lot of my book, Protecting Caroline. Poor Tesla, the heroine, gets into so many perilous situations, but she’s strong enough to keep going until the Hero can step in and render assistance.

Winter’s Heat by Cristin Harbor

Winter’s Heat is book 1 in her amazing Titan series. It features a single father, which is always a favorite trope of mine, as well as a kick butt heroine and a kidnapping. One thing I’m especially fond of is a good kidnapping in a book. I think it’s because the heroine can be vulnerable and need assistance, but she’s not crying in a corner waiting to be rescued. In the books I love, including this one, she’s actively doing whatever she can to help herself.

Redeeming Violet by Riley Edwards

Redeeming Violet is book 3 in her Red Team series. And before you decide you can’t read this one because it’s not the first in the series, please reconsider. Violet is one of my favorite heroines because in previous books in the series she betrays her country and a team of Navy SEALs. But in this book you learn why, and the reason is heartbreaking. She’s one of the most selfless heroines I’ve ever read. And Edwards does such an amazing job at redeeming her. Just when you decide you can’t stand a character, a great author can make you change your mind in the first chapter…which is what Edwards has done here.

Montana SEAL by Elle James

Montana SEAL by the queen of romantic suspense, Elle James. This is the first book in her Brotherhood Protectors series, and the premise is amazing. Basically, wounded vets find a place to heal and a brotherhood they thought was gone forever at the Bear Creek Ranch in Montana. This story is a classic second-chance story between a Hollywood starlet and a rough and tumble disabled vet-turned-bodyguard.

Finding his Mark by Brittney Sahin

Finding his Mark is book 1 in her Stealth Ops series. Along with a good kidnapping, my “crack” in a military story is a jungle rescue. Once again, the heroine can be out of her element but still doing her best to help and not be a hindrance, and that’s just what you get with this one. This series follows a team of Navy SEALs who handle covert ops under the guise of Scott & Scott Securities

Hot SEAL Bride by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot SEAL Bride is book 4 in her Hot SEAL Team series. The heroine is a virgin princess (sigh…love royal books too!) who is about to be sold to a ruthless sheikh. Enter the handsome and honorable Navy SEAL who agrees to enter a marriage of convenience to save her. But, of course, danger stalks their tails, and they have to stick very close together to outsmart their enemy!

Destruction by JM Madden

Destruction is book 2 in the Dogs of War series. The hero heads into the Amazon jungle (another jungle book!) with a team of men and women to try to find a top secret laboratory doing illegal and unethical experiments on other Navy SEALs. And, of course, sparks fly between the hero and one of the women on his team!

Breaking His Code by Patricia D. Eddy

Breaking His Code, book 1 in the Away from Keyboard Series, sucked me in from the start. It features a smart, disabled female vet who meets her hero online. (And since I met my own military hero online, I love this trope!)

Cyclone by Janie Crouch

Cyclone is in her Linear Tactical Series. I have a “thing” for imperfect heroines. I’d much prefer to read about a wallflower than an outgoing, popular, beautiful woman. The heroine is a shy, stuttering doctor, and the hero is a retired special forces operative who creates a company which, in part, teaches self defense to those who need it. This second-chance story is a perfect blend of romance with suspense.

A Soldier’s Gift by Lynne St James

A Soldier’s Gift is book 1 of her Beyond Valor series. This one is a bit different as the hero is in the hospital after being injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. He’s waiting for a cornea transplant and meets the heroine and her adorable daughter. Of course, there are secrets and obstacles to overcome, but it’s a feel-good ending for sure.

All of these books feature either active duty or former military men. I only listed one book from each author, but I’ve loved each and every book in the series these books are in. So, in actuality, I’ve not given you ten books to read, but closer to one hundred if you read all the books in each series.

Some of these books delve deep into the military psyche, and others only touch on the fact that the characters are military so there’s something for everyone no matter your preference. But if you like to read about Alpha heroes who are “all in” when it comes to their women, then this genre—and these books—are perfect for you!

I want to say thank you to each and every person who has served in the military. Also to all the military spouses—it’s a thankless and tough job and takes a special kind of person. And to anyone who works with the military as a contractor, nurse, doctor, psychologist, bus driver, etc, etc, etc. Thank you.

Happy Reading!

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About the Author:

Susan Stoker is a New York Times, USAT, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who has written 50+ books. She’s a sucker for a man in uniform, both in real life and in her stories. Her favorite part of writing stories about military men is the camaraderie they share and how they all work together to keep their women safe.

Pick up the first book in her New York Times bestselling SEAL of Protection: Legacy series: Securing Caite

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